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Library services and charges

Charges for overdue books per book

  • Adult books - 30p per open day (maximum charge after 30 days = £9). Please note that charges for adult books also apply to adult items borrowed on a child or young adult ticket.
  • Open Ticket Adult books - 15p per open day (maximum charge after 30 days = £4.50).
  • Children's or young adult books if borrowed on an adult card - 10p per open day (maximum charge after 30 days = £3.00).
  • Children's or young adult books if borrowed on an open ticket adult card - 5p per open day (maximum charge after 30 days = £1.50).

Please remember:

  • Overdue charges are payable on any adult book borrowed on an early years', children's or young adult's tickets
  • Overdue charges are not payable on children's or young adult books borrowed on early years', children's or young adult's tickets.

You can pay online or in your local library. Find out if you qualify for an Open Ticket Adult.

Reminder notifications

Reminder notification for overdue items

  • 1 week overdue - we will send you a free reminder by email if you have given us your current email address.
  • 3 weeks overdue - we will send you a free reminder by email or post.
  • 6 weeks overdue - we will send you a final reminder and will add a £3 administrative charge to your account. This charge applies to all library members.

Please check the charges for overdue books and charges for audio visual items sections for full details of charges for overdue items.

eReminders about library loans

We can now send you an eReminder about library loans before they are overdue, three days before your items are due back. This will give you the full details of all the items that are due as well as a quick link to renew them, for which you will need your PIN.

Please visit your local library in person or contact us to register for eReminders.

We hope that these reminders are helpful, but please be aware that failure to receive a courtesy email will not oblige your library to waive any overdue charges that you may incur.

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Replacement library cards

If you lose your library card, you should let any Surrey library know as soon as possible. We will cancel your card to prevent anyone else from using it. Failure to let us know could result in you incurring additional charges.

When you next visit the library, you will need to bring some proof of identity and we will give you a replacement card.

There is a £2 fee for a replacement card.

Lost or damaged items

If you lose or damage an item that you have borrowed, you will have to pay a charge.

For items in print a full replacement price is listed on the library catalogue. The lost charge will be refunded if the item is returned within 12 months.

For items out of print or where no details are available, the charge is based on the suppliers' average price.

Fax services

We can send and receive fax messages for you from selected libraries. Please see our: Library fax numbers webpage, for the fax number for the library.

Sending faxes:

  • UK and Eire: £1.60 for first page, £1.10 for other pages
  • Europe: £3 for first page, £2 for other pages
  • Rest of the world: £4.50 for first page, £2.50 for other pages

Receiving faxes:

  • Handling charge including first page: £1.50
  • Subsequent pages: 50p each to a maximum of £15

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Free Wi-Fi

Wi-fi is now available in all Surrey libraries and the Surrey History Centre.

You can log onto the internet using your wi-fi enabled device, such as a laptop, ipad or smart phone.

People who are not library members can use the service for half an hour, and Surrey residents are able to join online.

Most libraries have identified electrical points that can be used for laptops.


Photocopiers are available in many Surrey libraries. They are coin-operated only.

Charges for black and white copies are: 10p for A4 and 20p for A3.

Charges for colour copies are: £1 for A4 and £1.50 for A3.


All libraries have black and white printers, and the following libraries also have colour printers:

The charges for printing are:

  • 25p per side for black and white
  • £1 per side for colour

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Microform readers and reader/printers

Where printers are available printing is charged at £1 per page.

Where booking is advisable please telephone 03456 009 009, option 6.