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Library computers for users with disabilities

Surrey to reopen libraries from 6 July

Surrey County Council plans to start gradually reopening libraries across the county from 6 July, in line with Government guidance. The first libraries to reopen will be Camberley, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Horley, Oxted, Redhill, Staines, Weybridge and Woking.

During the initial phase we have prioritised reopening at least one library in every borough and district, focusing on main towns where we reach a large proportion of our customers.

Remember you can use your membership card at any library in the county.

We're working hard to start reopening services in other libraries and further updates will be posted on our Coronavirus information page, including information about what services will be available, which services are paused, and safety measures.

Surrey libraries has various items of equipment to assist those with disabilities to use computers. This equipment is described below, together with details of the libraries where it is available:

Large flat screen monitors

Ideal for those with visual impairments. Available at all of Surrey's branch libraries.

Trackball mice

Sometimes useful for those with mobility impairments since the mouse doesn't have to be moved around, and also helps to prevent repetitive strain injury. Available at Addlestone, Ashford, Banstead, Camberley, Cranleigh, Caterham Valley, Dittons, Dorking, Egham, Epsom , Esher, Ewell, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere, Horley, Leatherhead, Molesey, Oxted, Redhill , Staines, WaltonWeybridge and Woking libraries.

Large keyboards

Often important for those with impaired vision and also designed to help people with dyslexia.  Available at the same libraries as the trackball mice above.

Height adjustable tables

These enable you to work in a position of optimum comfort, even if you're in a wheelchair. Available at Camberley, Caterham Valley, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Ewell, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Horley, Leatherhead , Redhill, Staines and Woking libraries.

Wrist rests

Offer comfortable support and mould themselves to the shape of your wrist. Available at the same libraries as the height adjustable tables above.

NVDA (Nonvisual Desktop Access) software

All of our computers have NVDA software. This is a screen reader which enables blind and visually impaired people to hear the text in front of them read aloud, for both web pages and Word documents.

If you require training in the use of any of this equipment, we are able to put you in touch with organisations that may be able to help.

If you need more information on the above, send us your question online or contact us.