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Surrey to reopen libraries from 6 July

Surrey County Council plans to start gradually reopening libraries across the county from 6 July, in line with Government guidance. The first libraries to reopen will be Camberley, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Horley, Oxted, Redhill, Staines, Weybridge and Woking.

We're working hard to start reopening services in other libraries and further updates will be posted on our Coronavirus information page, including information about what services will be available, which services are paused, and safety measures.

Surrey libraries are pleased to be offering a programme of online events.

Regular weekly online events

All these events are run on the libraries' facebook page, unless otherwise stated.

If for some reason you miss any of these events, or would like to enjoy them again, you can watch them later on the Surrey Libraries YouTube channel. Except for Storytime which is only available on Facebook.

Pebble rhymetime

Rhymetime sessions for all children to enjoy! We hope everyone gets involved and sings along!

  • Every Monday from 10.30am.
  • Every Friday from 10.30am.

Crafts for children

Looking for ideas to keep children entertained? We have lots of craft activities that are quick, easy and no mess!

  • Every Tuesday at 10.30am. Session themes:
    • 7 July: Connecting across generations - Family Tree.


Who is ready for a story? Get comfy and relax while listening to our staff read their favourite picture book

  • Every Wednesday at 10.30am.

STEM activities

Are you into science? Laura will take you on an amazing journey to explore the mysteries of Physics, Biology and Maths! Head over to the Surrey Libraries Science Lab blog for more updates.

  • Every Thursday at 10.30am. Session themes:
    • 9 July - Connecting across the generations - Zoetrope.

Watch the video of the STEM session - Moving Hand

Of the 206 bones in the human body you have 27 bones in each hand. You have 14 phalange bones or finger bones, 5 metacarpal bones and 8 carpal bones. This means that about 1/4 of all of your bones are found in your two hands!

Lego club

Do we have any Lego fans? Come and build with us! Become inspired by Georgina's creations and add your own unique touch!

  • Every Saturday at 10.30am. Session themes:
    • 4 July - Boats.

Watch the video of the Lego Club session - Spac

3... 2... 1.... BLAST OFF!
Join Georgina on her mission to get to the Moon. To do that you'll need to build a Rocketship! Find out how!

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Special online events

All these events are run on the libraries' facebook page, unless otherwise stated.

Health Information Week 2020

  • From Monday 6 July.

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign promoting high-quality information for patients and the public.

We will be posting daily with advice, resources and activities on our social media platforms. #HIW2020 This year's themes are finding trusted resources, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Children's Art week

We are supporting Children's Art Week for the next three weeks 27 June – 19 July.

There will be three different themes, each lasting for one week. These are:

  • Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World
  • Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations
  • Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to try something new. There are a range of activities and crafts that will hopefully encourage families, children, students, and adults to get involved with.

Watch out for the activities we are holding on our Facebook and YouTube and head to the Children's Art Week website to find a variety of other resources. Let's get arty! #GetKidsCreating

Past events include VE Poetry Day

Watch the video of the Poetry VE Day event

Surrey Libraries celebrated VE Day with a poem, written and read by Laura.

All of our past events are also available on our YouTube channel.

Reading Aloud competition for children

The Surrey Libraries and Brooklands Radio Children's Reading Aloud competition has chosen its winners. Thank you to all the children who sent in entries reading aloud for the chance to be in a promotional trailer for Sarah Holding's new SeaBEAN audiobook.

We received a lot of wonderful recordings but could only use a few on the short promotional audio and video trailer.

Congratulations to our winners Phoebe, Chiara, Henry and Sofia whose voices have been included on the trailer for Sarah Holding's audiobook of SeaBEAN, which will be coming out in September.

The winners will receive a signed copy of the SeaBEAN trilogy and a virtual author visit for their school.

The finished trailer is now available on our YouTube channel.

If you enjoy the trailer and would like to find out what happens next, you can borrow the SeaBEAN trilogy eBook from RBDigital with your library card. If you don't already have a library card you can join online. Alternatively signed copies of the SeaBEAN trilogy and Sarah Holding's brand new book Chameleon can be ordered online at