Health and well-being - how libraries can help

Information and services

Reading Friends

A befriending programme developed by the Reading Agency, delivered in partnership with community organisations, including libraries.

Reading well

Books for those experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems

Our LGBTQ+ library collections

Our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender virtual collection

Dementia support in libraries

Surrey Libraries are committed to providing whatever support they can for those with dementia or a memory impairment.

Domestic abuse support

The support available in libraries to victims of domestic abuse. Information and resources in a safe environment.

Reminiscence collection

A collection for those who care for the elderly, professionally or personally

Library Direct Service

For people who have difficulty getting to a library due to ill health, disability, mobility problems or caring responsibilities

Library services for people with disabilities

Support for those with hearing, visual or mobility difficulties

Social care and health

Surrey County Council's social care services for adults and children

Supporting refugees

A summary of the resources available to refugees and their supporters from Surrey's libraries and the wider library community.

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