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No one left behind

Here in Surrey, we have an ultimate ambition – that no one is left behind.

So, what does that mean? Essentially, it means helping those who need us most, and improving quality of life for everyone.

For an organisation responsible for services as diverse as social care, community protection, education and much more, 'no one left behind' is an important touchstone to ensure we are serving all our residents to the best of our ability.

It's also an important guiding principle as we work alongside partner organisations and community groups across Surrey.

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Explore our paid apprenticeship opportunities where you can earn, learn and progress in your career.

Working with children

Inspire, Empower and Care. If you relate to what we stand for, we're certain you'll find a perfect opportunity for you.

Catering careers

Fancy adding a sprinkle of culinary magic to your career? Join us on our journey in transforming our healthy catering offer.

Working with adults

If you're looking for a career where you can help people to live independent and fulfilling lives you can learn more about our wide-ranging careers.

Environment and Transport

Join us in ensuring residents live safe and healthy lives and view our fantastic opportunities.

Fire service recruitment

Why not you? Learn more about the role of the Firefighter and check out the latest opportunities.

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