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Library Direct

Libraries reopening news and updates

45 libraries are now open for public access. For the latest updates and information on current library services, opening hours and how we are keeping customers and staff safe, visit our Coronavirus information page.

If your regular visits to your local library are becoming more difficult or impossible because of illness, disability, mobility problems or caring responsibilities (including young carers) then consider using our free Library Direct service.

Please note: We are only able to accept Surrey residents and community settings located within the boundaries of Surrey for these services.

Library Direct Home Service

If no one is available to borrow books on your behalf our Library Direct Home Service can help. We provide friendly volunteers checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to deliver books to those that are unable to get into a library themselves. We can arrange for books and audio material to be brought to you on a regular basis by a volunteer. Our volunteers will select books and audio books based on your recommendations, favourite authors and reading preferences.

We have a good selection of books in large print as well as standard print. We stock a large range of talking CDs which can be played on a standard CD player.

If you are interested in registering for this free service please fill in the Library Direct Home Service registration form. Alternatively, you can contact library information service who will be able to register you over the phone.

Library Direct Community Settings

We offer an opportunity for a variety of 'community settings' such as care homes, nursing homes, long term in-patient wards and rehabilitation centres, to provide a library service to their residents. This works with your setting choosing a variety of books online and then collecting them from a suitable Surrey library. As a community setting interested in this option, you will need to provide a member of you own staff or one of your own volunteers to select and collect the library resources for your residents. We can support you in finding a volunteer should you need it.

Please refer to our Library Direct Community Settings best practice page for further support and suggestions on getting the most out of this service for your residents.

If you are interested in receiving services at your location, please complete and submit the Library Direct Community Settings registration form. By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to our libraries privacy notice and the terms of agreement for Library Direct community settings, both of which set out how we use your data.

Terms of agreement

  1. This service is designed for groups of residents (three or more) in one community setting who would like regular access to library stock but are unable to visit a library themselves, due to ill health, disability, mobility problems and/or caring responsibilities.
  2. A community setting can borrow up to 50 books and up to 12 audiobooks to a maximum of 62 items out on loan at one time. The audiobooks are issued onto the card free of any hire charge.
  3. The normal library loan period is up to 3 weeks but for the LDCS, this has been extended up to 9 weeks.
  4. Residents at the community setting may request books and audiobooks free of charge when the items are in Surrey Library Service stock.
  5. If there is no activity on the account for a period of six months then a letter will be sent out asking if the service is still required. If no response is received within one month of receipt of the letter and there is still no activity on the account, the service will be withdrawn.
  6. The manager of the community setting will be listed as the main guarantor for the library account. Although the community setting will not be ultimately responsible for lost/damaged items that have been loaned to their residents, we do ask that every effort will be made to ensure the return of these items if a resident moves or passes away.
  7. If items are lost/damaged on a regular basis at the community setting, the library service reserves the right to withdraw the service.
  8. The manager of the community setting is responsible for ensuring that the library service is advised of changes to staffing that affect their ability to provide this service.
  9. Proof of the community setting address is required upon collection of the library card at your selected library.

Revised May 2019

Open Ticket

Could someone collect books on your behalf, such as a relative, friend or neighbour?

If so, an alternative option would be to consider our Open Ticket.

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