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Library rooms for hire in Guildford

Guildford Library

Guildford library has two rooms for community hire:

  • Seminar Room: seats 15 - 20 people. £15 per hour.
  • Small Meeting/Study Room: seats approx six people. £8 per hour.

Additional charges may apply if the user does not have their own Public Liability Insurance.


  • Monday - 9.45am–5.15pm
  • Tuesday - 9.45am–6.45pm
  • Wednesday - 9.45am–5.15pm
  • Thursday- 9.45am–6.45pm
  • Friday - 9.45am–5.15pm
  • Saturday- 9.45am–4.45pm
  • Sunday - Closed


  • Tables and chairs
  • The nearest public car park is five minutes walk away in York Road
  • Large whiteboard - free (Seminar Room only)
  • Flipchart
  • Screen

If you would like to hire a room contact the library service or visit Guildford library to check availability.