Display space in libraries - policy statement

Organisations or groups often wish to use library space to present a display, on boards and/or tables, about themselves, with or without a representative of the organisation or group being present. These are referred to as "static displays".

The following criteria apply to these and were agreed in January 2007 by The Library Management Group.

  • The offer of space within a library to host such a display is at the discretion of the Library Manager.
  • The area must be booked in advance with start date, end date, space, the dates and times when a representative will staff the display, if requested, and any other requirements agreed in writing.
  • The content of the display must be discussed, samples seen and agreed with the Library Manager or the Library Information Service. If the content of the actual display fails to meet that agreement, then the Library Manager can refuse display space.
  • Content for displays should, if possible, conform with the criteria for 'Displaying your poster or leaflet in Surrey Libraries'. Material and information on organisations with a wide role may be accepted if there is a local connection, branch or representative within Surrey or 15 miles of the administrative boundary. However, if the content of the material or aim of the organisation falls into any those criteria which are regarded as unacceptable for posters and leaflets, then the request for display space will be refused.
  • Display space will be allocated on a priority basis in line with our general criteria for display of posters and leaflets.

If your organisation or group wishes to present a display in your local library then please contact the library service. If you wish to present a display in several libraries, then please contact the Library Information Service via email: leaflets@surreycc.gov.uk

Please note that some libraries also accept commercial displays (for example art and crafts, jewellery) and a charge is made for this space. For information on this please contact the library concerned either in person or contact the library service.

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