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  • The Library Authority extends membership to persons who reside outside the administrative County of Surrey.
  • Membership is available to anyone whose residence or place of work is within the administrative County of Surrey or who is undergoing full-time education within the area.
  • Charges are payable for the borrowing of some audio/visual materials and other items as the Library Authority shall determine.
  • The internet may be accessed in libraries upon production of the member's library card or by paying for a guest login. Access to the internet is conditional upon compliance with the policy for acceptable use. The Librarian has the discretion to terminate internet access in the event of misuse. (See also 18).
  • Children of any age may be registered as members and are permitted to borrow books and other items. They may have access to the internet if under 16 years of age with consent from a parent or guardian. Persons who have not reached the age of 16 years are not permitted to borrow video/DVD films without the authorisation of the Librarian.

Registration of members

  • A person must register as a member in order to obtain lending facilities and must undertake to observe the Terms and Conditions.
  • Children who have not reached 16 years of age must register with the consent of their parent or guardian, who are required to be responsible for items borrowed by the child and to pay any charges incurred.
  • For full membership a person's identity and place of residence, both permanent and temporary, must be established by production of documentary proof, which is acceptable to the Librarian.

Library cards

  • All items are borrowed on one computer library card. Full members may borrow up to 20 books and up to six items each of audio/visual materials and other items as the Library Authority shall determine. The total number of items on loan to a member is limited to 20. However additional items may be issued at the discretion of the Librarian.
  • Full library membership is removed if the card is not used to borrow items for two years.
  • Members are responsible for all the books and other items borrowed on their cards or tickets and for all charges incurred in respect of such items. Loss of cards or tickets must be reported immediately. Cards must be returned for cancellation when members leave the area. Change of address must be reported immediately. Cards are not transferable between members.
  • A member who loses or damages their library card is liable to pay a replacement charge. The Librarian may waive the charge in cases of individual hardship.
  • The normal loan period for books is 21 days. At the discretion of the Librarian, this period may be reduced for books in demand.
  • Books must be returned or renewed before the date due for return. Books may be renewed in person, over the internet, by telephone or by post. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required. No renewal of the loan period will be granted for books in demand.


  • Some audio/visual items are subject to a hire charge. Additional charges will be payable for each day that an item is kept on loan. Items may be recalled if reserved by another borrower.
  • Persons unable to use printed material are exempt from the payment of hire charges for audio books.
  • The payment of a hire charge for borrowing audio/visual material shall not confer on the borrower any rights of licence in respect of copyright or public performance and the borrower shall indemnify Surrey County Council against all costs, claims, demands and liabilities resulting from any infringement of copyright committed in respect of sound recordings and any other items whilst they are in his/her possession.
  • Items borrowed from the Library, which are returned after the end of the authorised loan period, are subject to charges which the Library Authority shall determine.
  • Items on the library catalogue may be reserved at such charge as the Library Authority shall determine. This charge is payable in advance. The number of reservations held from individual members should not exceed 15. Certain categories of books as prescribed by the Library Authority may not be available for reservation.
  • Members are responsible for paying the replacement value, as assessed by the Librarian, of any item lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.
  • The Librarian has the discretion to suspend library membership, including access to the internet, to members who fail to return items or fail to pay charges after due notification or otherwise fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions and the Library Bylaws.

Glossary of terms

  • 'Library Authority' means Surrey County Council.
  • 'Library' means any building maintained by Surrey County Council for the purposes of library functions under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.
  • 'Librarian' means the person appointed by Surrey County Council to act on its behalf.
  • 'Item' includes any and every article permanently or temporarily forming part of the lending section of the library. Such articles are described specifically where the context requires

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