Library charges - policy statement

Various elements of the Library Service will attract a customer charge. Up to date details can be found in Library services and charges.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to manage your library loans and account.

The Library Service may1 waive charges incurred for the following reasons2:

  • As part of a promotional offer
  • If special assistance or a change of membership type is required
  • Hospitalization, extenuating medical reasons or death.
  • Unexpected downtime of library computer system
  • Unplanned library closure (for example flood)
  • Planned extended library closure (for example refurbishment) where alternative arrangements can't be accessed.
  • Faulty items
  • Staff error

1The Library Service is under no obligation to waive or reduce charges incurred by a Library customer.
2The reasons listed above may change at any time.

Reinvesting in the service – policy statement

The Library Service sells or rents items to make net income to supplement the library budget and enable us to reinvest in service development. Sources of income need to fit with the ethos of a publicly funded service. Sales remain at the margin of our activity and do not impact on the delivery of the core service. It is also seen as a way of both developing customer loyalty, providing yet another attraction for using the library, and as a wider marketing opportunity.

The range of items sold may include local publications, withdrawn stock and items of small stationery.

Rental of DVDs is purely to raise income to maintain that service. Information DVDs meet the criterion of most appropriate format and are loaned free of charge. Collections of audio-visual material will only be placed in libraries where use enables us to make a profit on income over expenditure.

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