Library content format and charging - policy statement

  • Provision is made in the most appropriate format available in terms of the currency, accuracy and accessibility of the content.
  • We provide material in alternative formats for increased accessibility.
  • Core service provision in alternative formats is free of charge to meet evolving educational and information needs.
  • We aim to encourage reading and literacy.
  • Spoken word is free of charge to those who cannot access printed books but is charged to people who have the option to choose the format.
  • DVDs were introduced as an income raiser. We have now decided that Information DVDs meet the criterion of most appropriate format. Despite the literary value of some DVDs, our current policy is that all entertainment DVDs are chargeable.
  • In providing entertainment DVDs we are aware that we are in competition with local businesses, although we offer a different level of service, concentrating on variety rather than quantity of titles.
  • Underpinning our policy is the need to make it practically applicable and unambiguous. Not to create a multiplicity of loan categories, but to make it reasonable for the staff to apply and for the public to understand.

April 2023.

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