Acceptable use of computer and internet services in libraries

Please be aware when using the internet in a Surrey library that:

  • internet access is filtered, so some sites of interest may be blocked
  • the internet is not a secure medium, therefore transmitting confidential information such as address or credit card details is at your own risk
  • all information on the internet is protected by copyright and you are responsible for observing the conditions of copyright on each site that you visit
  • you are not permitted to watch TV programmes, on a library terminal if they are being broadcast simultaneously on any TV channel. This includes catch-up and on-demand services.

Surrey County Council and its employees:

  • Are not responsible for any information supplied on the internet and do not accept responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage resulting from your use of the service, including breach of copyright.
  • Reserves the right for library staff to deny access to the internet or to terminate the session if the content or activity is deemed unsuitable for a public library environment.

You must assume full responsibility for using these services and any breach of these conditions may result in the withdrawal of future access to the internet and may also result in withdrawal of your library ticket.

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