Dance, drama and music resources and services

The Surrey Performing Arts Library (SPAL) has been a non-statutory part of Surrey's library service for many years. The collection is one of the last remaining specialist music collections in the country that is available to the general public and consists of a range of books and audio-visual materials covering dance, theatre, stagecraft, cinema and music, including music scores, orchestral sets and play sets. In February 2019, following a public consultation, Surrey County Council (SCC) Cabinet approved an organisation called NewSPAL to take over the running of the collection. This would allow it to be fully cost neutral to SCC and the Library Service whilst still preserving access to materials for those who use it.

Since then, Surrey Libraries have been working to transfer the Performing Arts Collection, including the Vaughan Williams Collection and the Making Music Kirby Collection, to the charity NewSPAL. We are pleased to announce that we transferred management of the collection to NewSPAL on 22 August 2022.

NewSPAL have their own Library Management System and charging structure, so please refer to their website for the latest information.

Groups wishing to place requests will need to register with NewSPAL to borrow stock from the collection.

To find out more about how NewSPAL are operating the collection please visit the NewSPAL website.

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