Community recycling centres

Coronavirus - Community Recycling Centres update 31 October 2020

Further to the Prime Minister's announcement on 31 October 2020, Community Recycling Centres will remain open as normal.

Community Recycling Centres update 19 October 2020

We have increased the types of waste that can now be accepted at our Community Recycling Centres (CRCs), however this varies from site to site. Please check the individual CRC pages you wish to visit beforehand for exact details of waste that can be accepted.

Residents using a van, pick-up or trailer can use the sites again, but will still need a valid van permit and adhere to the van permit terms and conditions.

Residents should only use the CRCs if they absolutely need to, and must check for the latest information before they travel, as these arrangements are subject to change. Please see individual CRC pages for further details.

From 5 November, visitors to Epsom Community Recycling Centre will need to pre-book a slot in order to visit the centre.

Visiting a Community Recycling Centre

Pedestrians cannot walk into any of the CRCs

The following measures will be in place at all CRCs:

EarlsW Lane

  • Upon entering the site you will be directed to a lane to wait until a bay becomes available.

EWood Bay

  • Once a bay becomes free you will be asked to reverse into a numbered bay.

  • There will be clearly marked walkways and only one person will be able to be on the gantries to access the containers at any time.
  • Once you have disposed your waste you will need to leave by the exit.

As a result of the social distancing measures, the number of people allowed on the site at any one time will be limited. It's expected that only a quarter of cars will be able to pass through the sites, compared to the typical peak time visitor levels at this time of year. Therefore, queues are expected and people should only visit the CRC if it's essential. We ask that you bear with us whilst operation of this restricted service gets underway.

Please treat site staff with respect and consideration during this challenging period.

Please see each individual community recycling centre (CRC) below for details of their addresses, opening hours and what you can and cannot take to them and any restrictions that apply.

Our community recycling centres

All 15 Surrey County Council Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) and our three waste transfer stations are run by SUEZ Surrey (formerly known as SITA Surrey).

Please note: We do not tolerate any form of abuse directed towards our site staff. Any serious incidents or threatening behaviour will be reported to the police and may result in council services being withdrawn.