Community recycling centres

Important information: Suspension of garden waste collection by local district or borough councils and Surrey's new paint reuse shop at Guildford

If your garden waste collection has been suspended by your local district/borough council, you can dispose of your garden waste using a car for free at one of our Community Recycling Centres.

If you are using a van, pickup or a trailer to dispose of your garden waste, you will need to purchase a van, pickup and trailer waste permit and can dispose of your garden waste at one of the nine designated Community Recycling Centres.

Please contact your local borough council directly, for more information on the suspension of your garden waste collection.

Surrey County Council are pleased to announce that from 27 September 2021, full or mostly full tins of reusable, water-based paint can now be taken to all CRC's (except for Warlingham) for reuse and will be set aside for the new Paint Reuse Shop at Guildford

Coronavirus Community Recycling Centre update 19 July

In line with the Government's announcement regarding social distancing measures and step 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown there will be a number of changes at the Community Recycling Centres across Surrey.

From 19 July Social distancing barriers will be removed and the number of car-parking spaces will revert to normal operation. Assistance for the elderly, disabled and infirm will also recommence, with the added requirement that site staff and residents, unless exempted under the pre 19 July 2021 restrictions, wear a face covering for the protection of both parties. Please make contact, upon arriving at site, with a member of site staff if you require help.

Social distancing measures will be removed from the 4 reuse shops currently open at Leatherhead, Shepperton, Earlswood and Witley (Witley; weekend opening only, also card payment only accepted), face masks will remain advisory.

From 22 July visitors to Epsom CRC can come without making a booking. The booking system trial has now ceased and bookings can only be made up to 19 July. Any bookings already taken after this date have been cancelled though visitors can still come to the site.

We ask that all visitors remain vigilant to the virus and respect the personal space of others while on site. In line with Government advice we would continue to suggest wearing a mask when visiting, as the sites can get crowded during busy periods.

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Our Community Recycling Centres

Please see each individual community recycling centre (CRC) below for details of their addresses, opening hours and what you can and cannot take to them and any restrictions that apply.

Before visiting a CRC, please separate and sort your recycling from your waste to ensure that it gets recycled. It costs less to recycle waste than it does to dispose of it. At each CRC, individual labelled containers make recycling quick and easy.

If you are not sure where to recycle or dispose of a particular item of waste or you would like to know which is your nearest CRC, please search: What and where you can recycle.

Surrey resident scheme

Details of our resident scheme

View on YouTube

List of our community recycling centres

All 15 Surrey County Council Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) and our three waste transfer stations are run by SUEZ Surrey (formerly known as SITA Surrey).

Please note: We do not tolerate any form of abuse directed towards our site staff. Any serious incidents or threatening behaviour will be reported to the police and may result in council services being withdrawn.