Community recycling centres

Possible delays and upcoming closure at Slyfield Recycling Centre

The Slyfield Recycling Centre (Guildford) will be closed from 15 June due to essential maintenance. It will reopen on 1 July.

During this period, you can visit our other centres in Woking and Witley.

There are also potential delays entering the site up until 2 August. This is due to traffic management controls, put in place by Thames Water contractors 'BAM'.

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In accordance with government guidance, since 1 September, Surrey residents are allowed to visit our Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) with DIY waste. This is limited to 1 visit in a 7 day period. For more information, see our details of the free allowances.

Our community recycling centres

Please see each individual community recycling centre (CRC) below for details of their addresses, opening hours and what you can and cannot take to them and any restrictions that apply.

  • All our CRCs are for Surrey residents only to dispose of household waste and recycling.
  • If you bring your household waste in a van, pickup or trailer you will need a permit.
  • Some non-household materials are chargeable waste.
  • Please ensure that all children under primary school age (Year 6) and pets always remain in the vehicle. Year 7 children and above need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you are a business, you can only take your business waste/recycling to a waste transfer station.

Before visiting a CRC, please separate and sort your recycling from your waste to ensure that it gets recycled. It costs less to recycle waste than it does to dispose of it. At each CRC, individual labelled containers make recycling quick and easy.

If you are not sure where to recycle or dispose of a particular item of waste or you would like to know which is your nearest CRC, please search: What and where you can recycle.

Garden composting products available to Surrey residents

Surrey residents can take advantage of a variety of exclusively discounted garden composting products, such as hot composters and food waste digesters from Great Green Systems, enabling them to compost food and garden waste all year round.

Surrey resident scheme

Anyone wishing to visit any of our 15 Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) will need to prove that they are a Surrey resident.

Details of our resident scheme

List of our community recycling centres

All 15 Surrey County Council Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) and our three waste transfer stations are run by SUEZ Surrey.

Please note: We do not tolerate any form of abuse directed towards our site staff. Any serious incidents or threatening behaviour will be reported to the police and may result in council services being withdrawn.

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