Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre

Important information

New weekend opening hours at Community Recycling Centres

From 04 December 2021, the weekend opening hours for the CRCs will revert from 8:00 am to 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays (except for Shepperton). The earlier opening hours were introduced as a temporary measure to alleviate queueing caused by social distancing measures and are no longer necessary.

Coronavirus Community Recycling Centre update November 2021

We have resumed offering assistance for the elderly, disabled and infirm but ask that site staff and residents, unless exempted, wear a face covering for the protection of both parties. If you require assistance, please contact a member of site staff when you arrive on site.

We ask that all visitors remain vigilant to the virus and respect the personal space of others while on site. In line with Government advice we would continue to suggest wearing a mask when visiting, as the sites can get crowded during busy periods.

New paint reuse shop at Guildford Community Recycling Centre

Surrey County Council are pleased to announce that from 27 September 2021, full or mostly full tins of reusable, water-based paint can now be taken to all CRC's (except for Warlingham) for reuse and will be set aside for the new Paint Reuse Shop at Guildford

In addition vans, pickups and trailers will no longer be able to access this site.

The nearest alternative site is Witley CRC.

Please see our webpage: Changes to our community recycling centres, for more information, and below for details on what you can bring and what you cannot bring to Cranleigh CRC.

Page contents

Site rules

  • No pedestrian access allowed on to this site.

These site rules apply to all residents visiting any of our CRCs at all times.

Opening times

  • Monday – 8am to 4pm
  • Tuesday to Friday - closed (view the nearest community recycling centre to Cranleigh)
  • Weekends – 9am to 4pm
  • The centre is open as usual on Bank Holidays with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day when the centre is closed.
  • The centre can close for up to 30 minutes during the day while full containers are exchanged and waste compacted.

Information for customers with disabilities

Assistance for the elderly, disabled and infirm is available on site, we respectively request that residents and staff, unless exempted under the pre 19 July 2021 restrictions, wear a face covering for the protection of both parties. Please make contact, upon arriving at site, with a member of site staff if you require help.

Contact details

  • Address: Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8JX
  • Telephone: 01483 273836 (If this number is busy or switches over to the fax, please try again later or contact SUEZ Surrey on 020 8329 1030).

For safety, pedestrians cannot walk into this centre.

What you can bring

  • Aerosols – If empty place in with cans. If still has contents, then could potentially be hazardous. Ask a member of staff where to place them
  • Black bag waste – sent for Energy recover
  • Cans (mixed) – sent for recycling
  • Car batteries – sent for recycling
  • Cardboard (mixed) – sent for recycling
  • Carpet – recycling market limited
  • CDs, Books and DVDs – sent to various charities
  • Cooking oil – sent for recycling
  • Engine oil – sent for recycling
  • Fluorescent tubes – sent for recycling
  • Foil – no separate containers. Place in metal containers for recycling
  • Furniture – if in good condition (please ask), maybe suitable for reuse in our 'Revive' shops. If not suitable, place wood-based furniture (including MDF/chipboard) into the wood container and furniture with a high metal content into the metal container. For all other furniture please seek advice on site.
  • Garden waste – sent for recycling
  • Gas bottles – sent for recycling (separate containers)
  • Glass bottles and jars - sent for recycling
  • Hard plastics - no current outlets for recycling (market dependant)
  • Household batteries – sent for recycling
  • Household/Garden chemicals – need to go in Hazardous Waste containers (ask a member of staff)
  • Large electrical items (e.g., Fridge/Freezers) – sent for recycling
  • Mattresses - Trial mattress recycling project. Place in separate container.
  • Metal (Ferrous/Non-ferrous) – sent for recycling
  • Mobile phones – sent to various charities
  • Small electrical items – sent for recycling
  • Paint (water-based/emulsion only) - collected and transferred to Guildford paint reuse shop
  • Paper and card (mixed) – sent for recycling
  • Plastic bottles (mixed) – sent for recycling
  • Printer cartridges – sent to various charities
  • Spectacles – sent to various charities
  • Tetra Pak carton banks – No dedicated bank on this site. Nearest alternative is Witley or Guildford for Tetra Pak recycling.
  • Textile banks – sent for recycling
  • TVs and Monitors – sent for recycling
  • Water filters – sent for recycling
  • Wood/Timber – sent for recycling

What you cannot bring

Staff have been provided with training and guidance to assess your waste, and their decision is final.

The law states that the council may restrict the availability of specified places to specified descriptions of waste.



Vans, pickups and trailers will no longer be able to access this site. the nearest alternative site is Witley CRC.


No pedestrian access allowed on to this site.