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Surrey Resident Scheme

What do centres ask for as proof of address?

Centres where you will be asked for proof that you live in one of the 11 district or boroughs in Surrey:

From 4 December 2017

  • Camberley - Residents from Bracknell Forest and Wokingham will no longer be able to use this site.

What can you bring as proof of address?

  • Your driving licence
  • This year's council tax bill
  • A recent utility bill
  • Your Surrey bus pass.

If you do not live in one of the 11 Surrey districts or boroughs, or if you do not have proof of address with you, you will not be allowed to use the centre.

Why do we have this scheme?

To dispose of waste brought to our recycling centres from residents in neighbouring councils costs us half a million pounds a year. To ensure you are not burdened with this cost we have introduced the Surrey Resident Scheme, which is in line with similar schemes from our neighbouring councils.

However, if you have to use a site in Surrey please visit Shepperton or Epsom sites where your waste and recycling can be weighed and charged for at standard waste disposal rates.

If you live outside of Surrey you can dispose of your waste and recycling for free at your local authority site: