To find roadworks, use the search box on the map below to set the date and location. To move the map, click and drag, or use two fingers on a touch device such as a phone or tablet. To display more information select the symbols.

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Upcoming roadworks

For easy access to our current and upcoming schemes visit our dedicated works website.

Our planned major roadworks

Utility company planned major roadworks

Please contact the utility companies directly if you have any questions about their roadworks.

District and borough council's major roadworks

National Highways planned roadworks (formally Highways England)

Environment agency works

Network Rail works

There are no Network Rail works currently.

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Help using the map

  • If you have difficulty using the map please see our Roadworks help page.
  • Dates of roadworks are subject to change due to factors over which Surrey County Council has no control.
  • To set up email alerts, please see the video guide for setting up alerts, on Elgin's website (roadworks map provider)