Roadworks map

To find roadworks, use the search box on the map below to set the date and location. To move the map, click and drag, or use two fingers on a touch device such as a phone or tablet. To display more information select the symbols.

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Further information

For information on upcoming works in your area, please visit our weekly roadworks update page.

You can view more information on the roadworks map by changing the following settings.

  • You can change the date range in the top left-hand box. The filter options are two weeks (default), three months or 12 months.
  • To display roadworks symbols, type the postcode or location of roadworks into the search box (under the date range) or zoom in to the area of Surrey you wish to view. Alternatively, if you are already zoomed in, zoom out to view entire road to display roadworks symbols.
  • To view information about roadworks, click on the symbols.

To set up email alerts, please see the video guide for setting up alerts.

Dates of roadworks are subject to change due to factors over which Surrey County Council has no control. These factors include:

  • adverse weather
  • availability of crews
  • sudden emergency works elsewhere
  • availability of/problems with machinery

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