Mindenhurst, Deepcut ‘Princess Royal Barracks’ redevelopment project

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What is the Mindenhurst, Deepcut project?

Mindenhurst is a new neighbourhood in the village of Deepcut, Surrey. Situated on the site of the former Princess Royal Barracks, it will offer 1,200 new homes and essential local amenities including a new primary school, retail outlets, sports facilities, business premises, and over 69 hectares of public green space.

Major upgrade works along Deepcut Bridge Road are starting soon, marking the start of an exciting new phase of Mindenhurst. Once complete these works will bring significant benefits, creating a thriving village centre which links the new and existing communities. In addition to greater access and improving the appearance, this area will be safer and easier to use for road users, cyclists, and pedestrians.

For information relating to the environmental improvement road works in Mindenhurst, please visit the Mindenhurst website.

What is happening?

  • Lakeside Nursery and Primary Academy School opened their doors on 7 September 2023 at the newly built school facility on Mindenhurst Road.
  • The environmental improvement roadworks on Deepcut Bridge Road started on 4 September, which resulted in the temporary closure of the Church Car Park.
  • Mindenhurst Road will operate as a one-way road for traffic driving from the school to Forest Drive until autumn 2024. This will enable the temporary provision of car parking on the eastern side (school frontage) of Mindenhurst Road.
  • Parking bays are laid out on the road surface. Parking is not permitted in bus stops, on the zebra crossing or zig-zag markings, or where yellow lines are in place.
  • Southbound bus services are being diverted to Mindenhurst Road for the duration of the environmental improvement road works.
  • Deepcut Bridge Road will operate as a one-way road until the completion of the environmental improvement road works at the end of 2024.

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