Mole Bridge, East Molesey – Bridge replacement scheme

What are we doing?

We will be replacing the Mole Bridge on Esher Road, East Molesey. The new bridge will have a wider carriageway than the existing structure, with footways provided on both sides of the road.

Work details

  • Start date: upon completion of the design stage. No date set as yet.
  • Duration: Up to 12 months
  • Traffic management: Road closure; 24 hours, 7 days a week

Frequently asked questions

Why are you doing this?

The age, condition and narrow width mean that the existing bridge is deemed not fit for purpose going forward and the required refurbishment works are not an efficient use of funds. A full replacement will provide a bridge to meet the current and future needs and is designed to last for the next 120 years.

Why can't you keep the bridge open during these works?

Replacing the structure requires removal of the existing so there will be an extended period where there is no route through apart from for pedestrians. Additionally, there is insufficient room to build the new bridge alongside the existing to enable the road to remain open.

What is the diversion route?

The diversion route will be via Hampton Court Way.

Is this likely to cause traffic disruption in the local area?

Diverted traffic will put additional pressure on surrounding routes, but we will be identifying and implementing any additional traffic management measures that ease congestion.

How will you manage this disruption?

The diversion route and disruption hotspots will be monitored and easing measures implemented where possible.

Can pedestrians still use the bridge during the works?

Pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will still be able to cross the river using the existing footbridge or via a temporary footbridge.

Why will it take 12 months?

Up to 12 months has been estimated based on prior experience and due to certain aspects still being finalised, such as the extent and duration of underground utility diversions.

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