Camberley Community Recycling Centre

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Opening times

  • Monday from 8am to 4pm
  • Tuesday we are closed (view the nearest community recycling centre to Camberley)
  • Wednesday to Friday from 8am to 4pm
  • Weekends from 9am to 4pm.
  • The centre is open as usual on Bank Holidays with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day when the centre is closed.

Customers requiring assistance

If you require assistance for any reason, please ask a member of staff for help.

Contact details

  • Address: Wilton Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 2QW
  • Telephone: 01276 684 980 (If this number is busy or switches over to the fax, please try again later or contact SUEZ Surrey on 020 8329 1030).

What you can bring

  • Some waste is chargeable, before visiting Camberley Community Recycling Centre (CRC) please learn more about the charges for some non-household waste.
  • You can bring chargeable waste to Camberley CRC.
  • Aerosols – If empty place in with cans. If still has contents, then could potentially be hazardous. Ask a member of staff where to place them.
  • Black bag waste – sent for Energy recovery.
  • Bottle tops – sent to various charities.
  • Cans (mixed) – sent for recycling.
  • Car batteries – sent for recycling.
  • Cardboard (mixed) – sent for recycling.
  • Carpet – recycling market limited.
  • CDs, Books and DVDs – sent to various charities.
  • Cooking oil – sent for recycling.
  • Engine oil – sent for recycling (maximum of 2 x 5 litre containers accepted per visit).
  • Fluorescent tubes – sent for recycling.
  • Foil – no separate containers. Place in metal containers for recycling.
  • Furniture – if in good condition (please ask), maybe suitable for reuse in our 'Revive' shops. If not suitable, place wood-based furniture (including MDF/chipboard) into the wood container and furniture with a high metal content into. the metal container. For all other furniture please seek advice on site.
  • Garden waste – sent for recycling.
  • Gas bottles - sent for recycling (separate containers).
  • Glass bottles and jars - sent for recycling.
  • Gypsum based products/plasterboard (chargeable waste) – sent for recycling.
  • Hardcore and rubble (chargeable waste – separate containers) – sent for recycling.
  • Hard plastics - no current outlets for recycling (market dependant).
  • Household batteries – sent for recycling.
  • Household/Garden chemicals – need to go in Hazardous Waste containers (ask a member of staff).
  • Large electrical items (for example Fridge/Freezers) – sent for recycling.
  • Mattresses – Trial mattress recycling project. Place in separate container.
  • Metal (Ferrous/Non-ferrous) – sent for recycling.
  • Mobile phones – sent to various charities.
  • Small electrical items – sent for recycling.
  • Paint (water-based/emulsion only) - collected and transferred to Guildford paint reuse shop.
  • Paper and card (mixed) – sent for recycling.
  • Plastic bottles (mixed) – sent for recycling.
  • Printer cartridges – sent to various charities.
  • Spectacles – sent to various charities.
  • Tetra Pak carton banks – sent for recycling - Surrey Heath Borough Council also accept cartons in kerbside recycling bin.
  • Textile banks – sent for recycling.
  • TVs and Monitors – sent for recycling.
  • Tyres (chargeable waste) - sent for recycling.
  • Water filters – sent for recycling.
  • Wood/Timber – sent for recycling.

What you cannot bring


Surrey resident scheme

This centre is now only accessible to Surrey residents. Please see details of the Surrey resident scheme.


Vans, pickups and trailers need a permit to access this centre.

If your permit does not show the registration number of your vehicle, you will also need to bring proof of residency in Surrey, and, if it is a hire vehicle, your hire documentation.


  • Residents from Bracknell Forest and Wokingham will no longer be able to use this site. For this reason all visitors will now be asked to provide 'proof of residency'.
  • Please ensure that all children under primary school age (Year 6) and pets always remain in the vehicle. Year 7 children and above need to be accompanied by an adult.

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