Travel along the Guildford stretch of the A3?

Upgrade your diesel van to electric with a grant of up to £10,000

Do you drive a diesel van along the Guildford stretch of the A3 three times a week or more? You could be eligible for a grant to replace your current vehicle with an electric model. Upgrading to an electric van will help you save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

We know that pollution levels along this stretch of the A3 are poor and need improving which is why we're working in partnership with Guildford Borough Council to deliver a £11 million National Highways scheme to reduce pollution.

In addition to offering van owners a financial incentive, charge points near the A3 will also be expanded to accommodate the increased number of electric vans as well as a programme to work with employers to help increase active travel.

Why go electric?

There are many benefits to switching to an electric vehicle. They are reliable, better for the environment and offer significant savings compared to traditional diesel vans.

Switching can greatly reduce maintenance and fuel expenses, and currently, electric vans are exempt from vehicle excise duty and road tax too.

How does the electric vehicle grant scheme work?

The A3 electric vehicle grant scheme offers grants of £5,000 for a small and £10,000 for a large new fully electric light commercial vehicle for businesses and charities.

To be eligible you must make at least three journeys a week or 12 trips a month along the section of the A3 between A31 to Farnham junction and Woodbridge Hill junction to A25 and A322. The fully electric van must be purchased through a dealer which is accredited as part of the scheme.

How does the rapid charging network work?

Whilst the network of charging points is being rapidly extended across Surrey, more rapid charging, longer and wider bays and cables of a longer length are needed to accommodate the additional electric vans this scheme will bring to the roads. We are working with Guildford Borough Council on a rapid charging network of new charging bays designed specifically for vans which will be located nearby to this stretch of the A3.

How does the active travel programme work?

This new scheme also supports local employers in the Guildford area near to the A3 to promote sustainable transport alternatives and encourage employees to travel more sustainably. If you are interested in the active travel programme contact

You can find out more about the scheme on the A3 electric vehicle grant funding programme webpage.

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