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We've picked some of our favourite cycle routes in Surrey which could help you get from A to B in around 20 minutes:

If you regularly drive between these places but haven't yet tried the journey on two wheels, why not give it a go this Bike Week and join the hundreds of people who already pedal their way along these routes each day?

Ewell to Epsom

Start: Near Spring Tavern, Ewell

Finish: Epsom rail station

Distance: 3.7km (approximately 15 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Epsom rail station, Blenheim High School, Epsom Primary School, Longmead Business Park, Longmead Industrial Estate.

This ride provides a quick and mostly traffic-free way of getting between the two towns and can often prove a quicker option than driving along the A24 during rush hour. Part of the route follows the banks of the Hogsmill River and it also connects two large schools in the area, offering a great opportunity for active journeys to school.

Check out the Ewell to Epsom route on our map.

Staines-upon-Thames to Heathrow

Start: Iron Bridge, Staines

Finish: Southern Perimeter Road, Heathrow

Distance: 5km (approximately 20 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Staines town centre, Heathrow (Terminal 5 and Cargo Centre), Ashford Hospital, Town Farm Primary School, North East Surrey Short Stay School.

Many of the facilities between Staines and Heathrow have been improved in recent years offering a high-quality cycle route to the airport via Stanwell village. Upon reaching the county boundary at Southern Perimeter Road, you can head east towards the Cargo Terminal or west towards the cycle hub at Terminal 5 via shared footways.

Apart from a handful of low-traffic streets, the route is mostly separated from vehicles, including through the Crooked Billet roundabout junction. An alternative secondary route to the passing to the east of the Staines Reservoirs is also available for those looking to travel via Ashford.

Check out the Staines-upon-Thames to Heathrow route on our map.

Guildford to Godalming

Start: Guildford town centre (Town Bridge)

Finish: Godalming town centre (Wharf Street)

Distance: 7.5km (approximately 25 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Guildford town centre, Godalming town centre, Riverway Industrial Estate, Heyworth Business Park, Shalford Infants School.

Part of this route was recently upgraded to provide a high-quality all-weather surface along Dagley Lane. Whilst further elements are planned to be improved in coming years, the existing route offers a green and enjoyable route between the two towns. It mostly uses shared footways and a bridleway (some of which are signed as part of National Cycle Network Route 22) however it does also include a couple of busier roads for short distances as well of a small section of stepped track.

Check out the Guildford to Godalming route on our map.

Weybridge to Brooklands

Start: Weybridge town centre (Baker Street)

Finish: Tesco superstore, Brooklands

Distance: 4.5km (approximately 18 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Weybridge town centre, Weybridge rail stations, Brooklands College, Brooklands Museum, Brooklands business and retail park

Several improvements have been made to this route in recent years to provide an end-to-end route between the town centre and the business parks at Brooklands via quiet roads and traffic-free paths through areas of heathland. It connects to several popular destinations along the way that are just beyond the main town centre, including the rail station and Brooklands College.

Check out the Weybridge to Brooklands route on our map.

Westvale Park to Horley

Start: Westvale Road, Westvale Park

Finish: Horley rail station

Distance: 5km (approximately 20 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Horley rail station, Hookwood retail park, Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, Westvale Park Primary Academy

New and upgraded pedestrian and cycle facilities have been installed along much of the route from the Westvale Park housing development to Horley rail station via Hookwood. The improvements now give the option to cycle along the A217 on a facility that is separate from vehicles. Once the Westvale Park development is fully completed it will also enable a new route for people to cycle between the A217 and A23 near Salfords.

Check out the Westvale Park to Horley route on our map.

Leatherhead to Dorking (via Mickleham and Westhumble)

Start: Leatherhead Leisure Centre

Finish: Dorking town centre (High Street)

Distance: 7.5km (approximately 25 minutes)

Key destinations on or near route: Boxhill & Westhumble rail station, Dorking (Main) rail station, Dorking Deepdene station, Box Hill, The Ashcombe School.

For most of its length, the journey between Leatherhead and Dorking runs parallel to the River Mole along a shared facility set back from the A24, providing a pleasant and direct route that offers views of both Box Hill and Denbies Vineyard. The section of the route from Box Hill to Dorking is signposted as part of National Cycle Network Route 22.

Check out the Leatherhead to Dorking route on our map.

Note. We have attempted to provide route information that is as accurate as possible, however this has been gathered from many different sources and cannot be guaranteed to be correct. Please always adhere to information shown on local signs or markings where available and ride considerately when sharing routes with other users.

Visit our cycle network web page for information on other cycle routes around the county. You can also find out about our plans to improve walking and cycling facilities.

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