Preparing for potholes

What we're doing to tackle potholes in Surrey

Along with the rest of the country, our roads faced an unprecedented increase in the number of potholes last winter. To find out why, watch our how do potholes form video.

We understand that potholes are very frustrating for Surrey residents and are doing all we can to tackle them:

  • We're investing over £200 million to improve Surrey's roads and pavements
  • This has included resurfacing 150 miles of roads and pavements since April
  • We've doubled our volume of materials we use to repair potholes and are carrying out larger-scale fixes where possible
  • Our highways teams now operate from three depots across Surrey so we can get to defects quicker
  • We're trialling new video and AI technology to better detect potholes and new machinery to speed up repairs
  • We'll increase our teams during the winter so potholes can be repaired quicker

You can report a pothole in your area on our tell us about potholes webpage.

For more details on how we are managing pothole repairs, visit our potholes repairs webpage.

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