A3 EV grant funding programme

Information and services

About the grant

The grant offers £5,000 for a small and £10,000 for a large new fully electric light commercial vehicle for businesses and charities to switch their diesel van.

Businesses - How to apply

Application and eligibility criteria for any businesses wishing to be part of the A3 EV grant programme.

Quick grant eligibility check

Check the full list of eligibility criteria for the A3 EV grant

A3 eligible section map

Map of eligible section of the A3 between the A31 to Farnham junction and the Guildford University of Surrey junction.

Eligible light commercial vehicle list

List of all eligible vehicles including the small vans, eligible for a £5,000 grant and medium and large vans, eligible for a £10,000 grant.

Find an accredited dealer

A list of accredited dealers who you must purchase your new fully electric vehicle from.

Applicant terms and conditions

Applicants terms and conditions for the A3 EV grant funding programme

Our A3 electric vehicle grant funding blog

Read our experts thoughts on electric vehicles and why your next van should be an electric van

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