Our progress on becoming a carbon free council

Local Authorities, Surrey County Council, NHS, Police and others in the Public sector generate around 2% of carbon emissions. In 2019/20 these were broken down as follows:

  • Electricity 51%
  • Heating 36%
  • Transport 12%

We are committed to becoming a net-zero authority by 2030 which means we'll be working hard to reduce these emissions across our buildings, services and supply chains.

We will do this by continuing to rationalise the number of buildings we use that require electricity and heating. We also plan to replace our fleet with ultra low or zero emission vehicles and help staff with journey plans that allow them to travel to work sustainably. Putting in place EV charging and bike storage at our buildings will also help staff to switch to active and sustainable business travel and commuting.

Overall we are committed to embedding climate change considerations into everything we do as an organisation by including climate change as part of all council decision making.

We have a wider goal to become a net-zero county by 2050, you can find all the information on our progress to date in the documents below.

Files available to download

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