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Earn points and donate to a national or local charity

Reducing the amount you throw away is one of the best ways you can help the planet. It means fewer resources are used up to make new things and to pick up and dispose of what you throw away. We're in a climate emergency and Surrey's new Rethink Waste scheme is a simple way that you can take a concrete step towards doing something about it. Not acting now could have devastating impacts for the future.

And not only are Rethink Waste members helping the planet, they're also helping charities and Surrey's schools. Once signed up, you complete regular fun and thought-provoking activities that can help you waste less. The more you do, the more points you earn. Your points can then be converted to cash that you can use to donate to a national charity or a local school.

This year £12,000 will go to Surrey primary schools alone to help them deliver a local environmental project. Sign up and you can help decide where that money goes.

Be the boss of your bin

Over 6,000 households in Surrey are already taking part in Rethink Waste. They've been finding out how to cut down on food waste and keep everything that can be recycled out of the rubbish bin; they've also been learning that the best thing to do with waste, ahead of reusing or recycling it, is to reduce it.

Surrey households have so far completed over 44,000 activities, entered nearly 13,000 prize draws, made nearly 500 donations to charity and have donated over 2,100 times to Surrey schools. Sign up and in no time you'll be the boss of your bins, the wizard of waste and the ruler of your rubbish.

To join this special movement to reduce waste, give something back and, crucially, to protect our environment, visit and sign up for free now on Rethink Waste.

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