Reap rewards for reducing your rubbish

Rethinking your waste and changing your habits can earn you prizes

Would you like to win prizes when you rethink your waste? Rethink Waste is up and running and rewards you when you help the planet by reducing your waste. You can collect points by completing weekly activities such as quizzes, making a pledge, or watching a short video. Points can be transferred into prizes!

The scheme launched last month and so far, residents have been focusing their efforts on getting as much material out of the rubbish bin as they can. Over the coming months, the scheme will focus on reducing waste when cleaning the house and cooking. After that, if you've signed up, you will learn about some of the tools that can be used to make sure we're respecting the all-important waste hierarchy!

You can use your points in several ways. You can use them to donate money to charity or enter prize draws.

Rethink Waste is available for free and is exclusive to Surrey residents. It is being delivered by Surrey Environment Partnership, which is a partnership of all the councils in Surrey set up to deliver projects to reduce waste and increase recycling across the county.

If you're not signed up already and want to earn points, sign up today on the Green Redeem website.

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