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A new Home Energy Advice Taskforce (HEAT) is delivering in-person home energy advice to Surrey residents.

The HEAT project is run by Zero Carbon Guildford (ZCG) in partnership with Surrey County Council, community groups and parishes across Surrey. The team has visited 550 Surrey homes in 2024, and upskilled nearly 70 local residents as Energy Champions who conduct home visits to support their neighbours and communities with:

  • Reducing energy bills
  • Keeping homes cosy, free of damp and mould, thereby reducing health issues
  • Signposting residents to energy efficiency grants they may be eligible for
  • Reducing emissions from the residential energy sector to tackle climate change.

Whilst cutting energy costs remains the main motivator of people applying for a free energy survey, cutting carbon emissions follows as a close secondary benefit, this highlights the increasing awareness of the importance of taking action on climate and environment, as well as the wider co-benefits of retrofit.

Moreover, the project shows the environmental benefits that come from common sense projects and policies which take a holistic approach to tackling the problems we face. They aim to:

  • Reduce emissions
  • Save people money
  • Minimise health risks
  • Lessen the impact on local health services
  • Create jobs in new and emerging sectors.

The HEAT service has a 4.9 stars rating out of 5, from 180 respondents. But there are still gaps across Surrey where the HEAT team has few surveyors, meaning that not all residents are benefitting. ZCG is looking to train more Energy Champions in North West Surrey, and in Tandridge.

Find out more about the HEAT project on the Zero Carbon Guildford website. If you would like to support your community as an organisation or individual, whilst being paid to learn new skills, contact energysurveys@zerocarbonguildford.org.

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