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A green food caddy

Turn your caddy into a food waste superhero

You might be familiar with the environmental benefits of recycling food waste, but did you know that putting uneaten food into a food waste caddy, instead of the rubbish bin, has another advantage too? It costs far less to dispose of.

That's right, around £6 million per year could be saved in Surrey if the food currently thrown into rubbish bins was recycled instead. In an ideal world, food produced would be eaten and there would be little, to no need of recycling it. Food waste placed in rubbish bins cost four times more to dispose of than recycling it in a food waste caddy. Money saved by recycling can be used to fund essential local services and working towards decarbonising our county.

Getting started is simple, just pop a caddy liner or plastic bag (not a black bin liner) into the caddy and you're on your way to rescuing food from expensive disposal costs. We've also got some top tips on how you can reduce your food waste from the Surrey Environment Partnership (Surrey EP).

  • Plan your weekly shop and meals in advance - use an app, which will help you buy only what you need
  • Keep your food fresh for longer by finding out the best ways to store it, for example; store ripe tomatoes in the fridge and potatoes in a cool, dark cupboard
  • Cook the right serving sizes, but don't worry if you overcooked – you can always save meals for later on in the week or freeze for later
  • Use up leftovers. There's plenty of great recipes on the Surrey EP recipe webpage.

Visit the Surrey EP website more information on food waste recycling as well as tips and recipes to help you reduce your food waste.

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