Five easy ways to improve your recycling

In 2023, 298 tonnes of recyclable stuff couldn't be recycled

Did you know that last year, a huge 298 tonnes of recyclable stuff couldn't be recycled? This was because it got mixed with things that can't be recycled. This is a big problem because fixing it costs a lot of money, which means higher taxes for everyone. Recycling is cheaper than throwing stuff away and is better for the environment because it makes less carbon dioxide.

It's widely recognised that recycling can be confusing, though. Putting the wrong thing in the recycling is easily done. Follow these five steps to help make it a little easier:

  1. Check Before You Recycle: Sometimes, packaging looks like it can be recycled, but it can't. Use the Surrey Recycles search tool or app to check. It also tells you how to recycle tricky items like crisp packets and drink cartons.
  2. Separate Different Types of Waste: In most parts of Surrey, food waste, garden waste, small electrical items, batteries, and textiles are collected separately. Don't put them in your recycling bin. Use the Surrey Recycles tool or app to find out more.
  3. No Food or Drink Leftovers: Food and drink can spoil the paper and cardboard, making them unusable. Give containers a quick rinse before recycling.
  4. Keep Items Loose: Don't put your recyclables in bags or liners. Place them loose in the bin.
  5. Play a Recycling Game: Try our fun drag-and-drop game to learn more about sorting waste.

Remember, using reusable items can help reduce waste even more. Learn more at

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