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The parking review process

We make changes to parking controls by carrying out a review of parking in each district or borough every 12-18 months (with the exception of Guildford who carry out their own reviews).

How we carry out parking reviews

In each review we consider if the area needs any new parking controls or changes to existing ones, based on any requests for changes or new restrictions that we have received since the previous review.

Our engineers assess each request, taking into account a number of factors, including:

  • road safety
  • accessibility
  • congestion
  • the possibility of just displacing a problem and
  • how many people support the request.

We then compile a report with recommendations of which are the most necessary and important and should be taken further. The local committee for the area then considers the report and decides whether they agree with our recommendations or whether they would like to make any changes to them.

We then start the formal legal process. For this we have to put a notice in a local newspaper, saying that we intend to introduce the new parking controls and make copies of the proposals available for inspection at council buildings. In addition to this we put notices on lamp columns and posts in affected roads, publish the information on our website and usually write to residents and businesses fronting on to proposed new controls.

There is then a period (usually 28 days) during which people can let us have their comments about the proposals, letting us know whether they support them or object to them. We then need to consider all the comments before deciding what should still go ahead, with or without changes.

Once the process is complete we publish the parking orders, amendments and plans and we arrange for the road markings and signs to be installed.

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Parking review schedule

To allow us time to carry out the necessary site visits and assessments before compiling our committee report, you must send your request or petition to us three clear months before the committee meets.

If you wish to check what we already have under consideration, you can see details of our current reviews and parking consultations for each area online.

District or boroughDetails
Elmbridge Send us requests for Elmbridge online or in writing by the end of June 2020 for the December 2020 committee.
Epsom and Ewell Send us requests for Epsom and Ewell online or in writing by the end of August 2020 for the December 2020 committee.
Guildford Guildford Borough Council carry out their own reviews.
Mole Valley Send us requests for Mole Valley online or in writing by the end of August 2019 for the December 2019 committee.
Reigate and Banstead Send us requests for Reigate and Banstead online or in writing by the end of February 2020 for the June 2020 committee.
Runnymede Send us requests for Runnymede online or in writing by the end of November 2020 for the March 2021 committee.
Spelthorne Send us requests for Spelthorne online or in writing by the end of February 2020 for the June 2020 committee.
Surrey Heath Send us requests for Surrey Heath online or in writing by the end of May 2020 for the September 2020 committee.
Tandridge Send us requests for Tandridge online or in writing by the end of November 2019 for the March 2020 committee.
Waverley Send us requests for Waverley online or in writing by the end of November 2019 for the March 2020 committee.
Woking Send us requests for Woking online or in writing by the end of August 2020 for the December 2020 committee.

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Requesting changes to parking controls

We will consider requests for new controls or changes to existing ones in the parking review for your area on the following basis:

  • Where we believe on street parking has a detrimental impact on road safety or the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, following an assessment, we will generally include these in a parking review. Examples of this might include preventing parking too close to junctions or in places that cause problems for the passage of larger vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, buses or refuse lorries.
  • With other issues, such as where there is too much demand for the amount of available parking space in a street, we will only investigate the possibility of new controls if we have evidence of the support of at least 70% of the properties in the street that are likely to be directly affected. Examples include requests for residents permit parking or other parking management schemes. The reason for this is that the development of parking management schemes can be expensive and time consuming. We want to know that there is a reasonable level of support for changes by residents (or other highway users) who will be affected before we start an investigation.

Before we can look at introducing a parking management scheme, such as a residents' parking permit scheme or yellow lines in a whole road or larger area, we need residents of that area to demonstrate support by submitting a parking scheme request. We generally require at least 70% of those households who will be directly affected to sign up to the scheme. Please note that submitting a scheme request, even with at least 70% signed up, does not mean that the scheme will necessarily go ahead, as it may not be appropriate for it to do so. However it does mean that we will give it serious consideration.

Download the parking request template (PDF).

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Submitting a request

Make sure to include:

  • your name and address,
  • the location of the parking restriction
  • and explain why you think the restrictions are needed or should be changed.

Request online, or you can write to us at:

Parking Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ.

If you would like to contact us before sending in a request you can do so through our contact centre who can also be contacted via email

If your request was not recommended you can resubmit it for consideration in the next review.

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Submitting a parking scheme request

Once you have enough signatures, you should send your parking scheme request to:

Parking Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ.

Files available to download