Mole Valley parking review 2024

Mole Valley parking review 2024

There are a number of stages involved in the review, these are shown below.

The current stage is: Approval

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During September and October 2023, we looked at some parking issues across the district. These issues had been brought to our attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers since the previous review took place. We have visited, assessed, and prioritised the requests for new or amended parking controls, and wrote a report with recommendations on what proposals should be taken forward.


All proposals have been agreed by county councillors prior to authorisation being given to advertise them by the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager.

Advertising and objections

The parking proposals were advertised for a 28 day period starting on 11 April 2024. The Mole Valley parking review 2024 legal notice (PDF) was published in the local press. Street notices were erected on site at each location plus drawings and the Mole Valley parking review 2024 statement of reasons (PDF) are available to view at the bottom of this page. Those properties immediately fronting locations where changes are being proposed were notified individually by letter or flyer. Where there was a proposed resident permit scheme, residents received a set of frequently asked questions.

The advertising period closed on 9 May 2024. Please note that we are not accepting any further responses.

If you still wish to view the relevant plans, open the Mole Valley parking review 2024 statement of reasons (PDF) and in the contents list on pages 2 to 4, select the road that you are interested in, to jump to the relevant part of the document about the road. The plan number will be at the end of the description.


All objections, support and comment responses will then be compiled into a decision report which will include a recommendation on how to proceed at each location. County councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager will need to agree this report so that installation of the restrictions can take place. Those who respond to the advertisement will be notified of the decisions by email or by letter prior to installation.

Please note that some proposals may be removed or amended. A summary of the comments, objections and outcomes will be available on this page at the appropriate time, as well as any amended plans.

There is no 'appeal' stage. If you do not like any decision that is reached by members and officers who consider the objections then you would need to submit a new request for the location to be assessed again in the next Mole Valley parking review.


Once approval has been given, we will revisit all of the locations where new restrictions are due to be implemented. Each location will be marked up; final drawings will be prepared and will be issued to the lining contractor for them to install the road markings. At the same time we will place the accompanying signing order. As signs are manufactured to our requirements, there can be a time delay between the lines appearing on the road and new signs being installed.

We also make the required changes to the legal traffic regulation orders. The new controls and restrictions then come into effect and will be enforceable. The final notice will be available to view on this page at the appropriate time.

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