Runnymede parking reviews

Parking review 2023 to 2024

Site assessments were undertaken in Autumn 2023 for this parking review. County councillor approval was granted in December 2023 and now this parking review is at the formal advertising stage.

The advert includes the most popular option chosen in last October's informal consultation for introducing limited waiting parking outside the shops along The Broadway, New Haw.

Plans, displayed by county councillor division and the Statement of Reasons explaining each proposal are available to view and read on the Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024 web page.

If you have received a letter, read a street notice, seen the legal notice in a local newspaper or spoken to a County Councillor and wish to support, comment upon or object to any of the proposed changes you can do so by completing a Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024 feedback form between 9 February and 8 March 2024.

Please note: Egham town centre plans and explanation are included in the Englefield Green County Council division.

Parking review 2022 to 2023

Site visits for this review were carried out in July and continued through August 2022. Proposals were agreed with county councillors and they have now been advertised.

The consultation closed on 24 February 2023. You can still view the original drawings and reasons for proposing changes on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

All the feedback received was complied into a report and distributed to county councillors and the Traffic Enforcement and Parking Team Manager. Having read the report, jointly final decisions were made on how to proceed at each location.

The final decisions report has been published and can be read on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

The installation of the yellow lines for this review has begun, and the signs are scheduled to be installed in March 2024.

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