Runnymede parking reviews

The Broadway New Haw informal parking consultation

An informal consultation has taken place with the aim of promoting local shopping and supporting the businesses in The Broadway. We informally consulted about the idea of introducing maximum stay time limits to the parking spaces along the service roads outside the shops on both sides of The Broadway to help support the existing and promote new businesses. Limited waiting would allow customers to park more easily and so promote visiting their local shops. In turn this would help maintain the vibrancy of the local community and the shops to thrive, which is so important as empty shops can attract anti-social behaviour and lead a deterioration in the local environment.

The informal consultation closed on 28 October 2023. Thank you to everybody who participated

174 people took part in the consultation. Of those 132 (75%) said they support the introduction of time limited waiting on The Broadway service roads.

Participants were able to nominate the days and hours of operation and the length of time vehicles could wait and return.

  • Monday to Saturday was the most popular operational days, nominated by 80 people.
  • 8am to 6pm was the most popular operational hours, nominated by 115 people.
  • 2 hours no return 2 hours was the most popular waiting and return period, also nominated by 115 people.

We will now take this proposal forward for inclusion in the Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024 for formal advertising which will happen in 2024.

Parking review 2023 to 2024

It is no longer possible to submit a request for the 2023 to 2024 parking review.

This parking review has now begun. Site assessments have recently been undertaken, and proposals are currently being prepared. You can follow progress of the review on the Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024 web page.

Albert Road informal parking consultation

Thank you to everybody who took part and submitted their views during this informal consultation, which has now ended. We had a excellent response with a total of 43 replies from Albert Road residents.

The results are : Support for the scheme, 18 responses (42%). Other comments, 2 responses (4.5%). Objection to the scheme, 23 responses (53.5%).

The 70% support threshold has not been achieved on this occasion. As the majority of residents do not want a permit scheme introduced we will not proceed any further with this proposal.

Simons Walk and Roberts Way parking restriction consultation

The drawings and Decisions Report are still available to view and read at the bottom of this page. Implementation is provisionally planed for December after the current university term has ended.

Parking review 2022 to 2023

Site visits for this review were carried out in July and continued through August 2022. Proposals were agreed with county councillors and they have now been advertised.

The consultation closed on 24 February 2023. You can still view the original drawings and reasons for proposing changes on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

All the feedback received was complied into a report and distributed to county councillors. Having read the report, jointly final decisions were made on how to proceed at each location.

The final decisions report has been published and can be read on the Runnymede parking review 2022 to 2023 web page.

Detailed design has been completed. Line installation has begun, and the signs will follow.

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