Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024

There are a number of stages involved in the review, and these are explained below.

The current stage is: Authorisation


During September and October 2023, we have been assessing on-street parking issues across the borough once again. These have been issues of concern that have been brought to our attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers since the previous review took place. We have now visited, assessed, and prioritised requests for new or amended parking controls in different locations across the borough. We have now prepared the drawings and a statement of reasons of our findings and recommendations.


These documents have been presented to the Runnymede county councillors. The councillors are now reading and discussing the proposals with officers and together agree to take the proposals forward to the formal adverting and consultation stage.

Advertisement and objections

All the proposals approved by the county councillors will then be formally advertised via a public consultation.

A 28 day consultation will take place. Street notices will be erected, and properties fronting those locations where changes are proposed will notified individually. Drawings of what we are proposing will be able to view on this web page and at libraries and council offices around the borough.

An on-line feedback form will be available to fill in on this page, during the consultation period. Views will also be allowed to be submitted by writing in. All responses received will then be compiled into a report. Depending on the feedback submitted, a recommendation on how to proceed will be made. Some proposals may not go ahead.

Please note that any Egham town centre proposals are be displayed in the Englefield Green division.


The report containing all the feedback and the recommendation on how to proceed is then distributed to the county councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Manager. They read the report, and taking the feedback submitted into account along with the recommendation made, decide on the best way forward and make final decisions on how to proceed at each location where changes are proposed.

The final decisions report is then written and published below on this page. It will distributed to everybody who participated in the consultation.


Marking out on site at each location where changes have been agreed will then take place. Orders to install the agreed changes on the streets will then be raised with our lining and signing contractors.

A final traffic regulation order (TRO), will be made and published, so the changes made in the review then become legally enforceable by civil enforcement officers.