Guildford parking reviews

Guildford parking review 2023

From 3 November until 1 December 2023 we shall be advertising our latest parking proposals. If you have received a letter, read a street notice or heard about a proposal and wish to comment upon it, you can do so by completing our Guildford parking review feedback form.

If you wish to view any of the drawings and read the statement of reasons explaining why we are proposing to make these changes, you can do so by opening the attachments at the bottom of the Guildford parking review 2023 page.

Changes to parking permits in Guildford

On Friday 28 July we formally advertised our intention to change the traffic regulation orders that cover the Guildford town centre controlled parking zone. As well as changing the orders to reflect the change of responsibility for on street parking management and enforcement from the borough council to the county council, we also proposed to make the necessary changes to allow for the introduction of virtual electronic permits in place of the physical paper ones for resident, visitor, business, childcare and operational (medical) parking permits and waiver certificates. It did not apply to carers permits and car club parking permits.

As part of the advertising process, we gave people an opportunity to comment on the proposals. We have now finished analysing the responses and considering all the comments that we received and at the bottom of the page there is a report about the proposals, a summary of the comments received with a response to the main themes, and notification of the decision, which is to proceed with the proposed changes.

Please note that the report includes information about Mole Valley, Tandridge and Waverley, where we advertised the same proposals earlier in the year.

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