Woking parking reviews

Woking parking review 2024

Site visits for this review will begin in June 2024. Once the review is underway you will be able to keep up to date with progress on our Woking parking review 2024 page.

If you would like a location assessed in this review, please submit a request by 3 May 2024 so it can be included.

Birch Grove and The Triangle

Have you have received a letter, plan and frequently asked questions (FAQ) crib sheet about potentially extending Area 5 of the Woking Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to include the road outside your home? Please submit your views to us about the proposal by 24 May 2024.

If there is a good level of response with enough support, we will then formally include the proposal to extend Area 5 of the CPZ into The Triangle and Birch Close, in the Woking parking review 2024. This will be presented to Councillors for approval in September 2024

Woking parking review 2023

The lining required for this parking review is currently being painted. The signing associated with this review will be installed in the spring of 2024.

Site visits for this review took place in April and May 2023. Drawings were prepared and a statement of reasons for each proposal written. The documents were then distributed to county councillors and they agreed to formally advertise and consult upon them.

The formal advertising and consultation took place from Thursday 24 August until Thursday 21 September 2023.

All the feedback received during the consultation stage was compiled into a report. The report was distributed to Woking county councillors and the Traffic Enforcement and Parking Team Manager for them to read. Together they made decisions on how to proceed with each advertised proposal.

The final decisions report was published on the Woking parking review 2023 webpage where you can read it, along with the statement of reasons and view the drawings of the proposals that were advertised.

Woking parking review 2022

Installing the lining for this review is 80% complete now. The locations that remain need road sweeping and traffic management to finish them off. We are currently making arrangements for this. We apologise for the delay in painting the lines for this parking review.

You can still view the drawings, read the Statement of Reasons and the final Decisions Report on the Woking parking review 2022 web page. Drawings are displayed towards the bottom of the page and by county councillor division.


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