Waverley parking review 2023

There are a number of stages involved in the review, these are shown below. Due to the number of stages in the review, it takes about one year to complete a parking review from start to finish.

The current stage is Approval

  1. Introduction
  2. Authorisation
  3. Advertisement and objections
  4. Approval
  5. Implementation


The 2023 parking review took place over February and March 2023, where over 100 requests were assessed. We determined which locations and proposals were both feasible and a priority for this review.


All proposals were agreed for advertisement by county councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager in May 2023.

The agreed parking proposals were advertised from 1 December 2023 to 5 January 2024. This included the publishing of a formal notice in the Surrey Advertiser; street notices being erected on site at each location; plus drawings and a statement of reasons being available to view online at the bottom of this page. Those properties immediately fronting locations where changes are proposed were notified individually by letter.


All feedback received was considered by county councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager, and a final decision has been made on how to proceed at each location. All objections, support and comment responses have been summarised in a 'decision report', which includes a decision for each location. This report is available to download and view at the bottom of this page. Those who respond to the advertisement will be notified of the final decisions by email or by letter.


The agreed restrictions would be installed on the ground in Spring and Summer 2024.

Files available to download

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