Public Footpath 53 (Sunbury) Temporary Diversion Order 2023

Notice of Public Path Order

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Sections 257 and Paragraph 1 of Schedule 14
Surrey County Council
Public Footpath 53 (Sunbury)
Temporary Diversion Order 2023

The above Order was made on 14 February 2023. The effect of the Order will be to temporarily divert the length of Public Footpath 53 (Sunbury) running from Fordbridge Road, Shepperton (Grid Ref. 509352 167351) in a generally northerly direction for 355 metres to Grid Ref 509265 167685, and create an alternative footpath on a line running from Grid Ref. 509352 167351 around the perimeter of the site in a generally north-easterly direction, turning to a north-westerly direction and then in a westerly direction for a distance of 725 metres to Grid Ref. 509265 167685, as shown on the Order Map.

A copy of the Order and the Order Map may be seen by appointment free of charge at Countryside Access, Whitebeam Lodge, Merrow Depot, Merrow Lane, Guildford, GU4 7BQ (by appointment only, telephone 0300 200 1003) and at Shepperton Library, High Street, Shepperton, TW17 9A during opening hours. Copies of the Order and Map may be bought from the County Council at the price of £4.

Any representation about or objection to the Order may be sent or delivered in writing addressed to the Countryside Access Team (quoting reference DJ/AW/3/1/86) at Whitebeam Lodge, Merrow Depot, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ not later than 24 March 2023. Please state the grounds on which it is made.

If no representations or objections are duly made, or if any so made are withdrawn, Surrey County Council may itself confirm the Order as an unopposed Order. If the Order is sent to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for confirmation any representations or objections which have not been withdrawn will be sent with the Order.

This order replaces an earlier Order that was made on 7 October 2020. Objections made to the earlier Order will be taken as applying to this order, unless specifically withdrawn.

Dated: 24 February 2023
Katie Stewart, Executive Director Environment, Transport and Infrastructure

Enquiries to: Countryside Access Team, Surrey County Council, Whitebeam Lodge, Merrow Depot, Merrow Lane, Guildford, GU4 7BQ. Telephone :03456 009009 or email:

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