Rights of Way - public inquiries, hearings and written representations

Public inquiries/hearings are scheduled to be held for the following orders.

Public Footpaths Numbers 643 and 644 (Banstead)

Definitive Map Modification Order 2018 for footpaths 643 and 644 (Banstead). A public inquiry was held on 24 and 25 May 20221 to determine these Orders.

An interim decision was published by the Planning Inspectorate dated 15 July 2022. In this decision the Order relating to Public Footpath 643 Banstead was confirmed. This path will now be added to the Definitive Map and signed on site in due course.

In relation to Public Footpath 644 (Banstead) the Inspector decided to modify the Order to exclude a portion of the Order route. The modification was advertised on site and in local press with an objection period that ran between 8 September and 6 October 2022.

Objections to the modification have been received by the Planning Inspectorate and a second public inquiry will be held in due course to determine the case. Anyone wishing to see the objections should contact the case officer, Catherine Valiant at rightsofway@surreycc.gov.uk, quoting ref: CP570