New Essential Digital Skills Courses

Our new Digital Dippers programme is helping learners to improve essential computer skills

The IT suite at the Camberley Centre was bustling with activity as our learners improve and develop their computer 'know how' on the new 'Digital Dippers' programme, which is free to eligible learners. The short burst courses are led by qualified and experienced tutors who are specialised in computing.

It was uplifting to see the positive impact of this programme which is changing people's lives for the better. The learners are enjoying the programme, learning vital computer skills to become independent at home and develop useful skills for the workplace. Also and importantly, they are meeting other learners from all walks of life, who share their experiences, and sometimes similar situations, thus finding new perspectives and optimism together.

The programmes currently run at the Camberley and Guildford centres. The programmes at the Camberley Centre are led by tutor Sue Honey, whilst Olive Olweny delivers those at Guildford. The tutors take the concepts and break them down into manageable chunks. Some learners have already progressed to employment and others are keen to progress to other courses with SAL. Sue commented, "The learners are challenged, but I take the fear out of it and they all progress. Many learners carry on with us."

The Digital Dippers programme consists of six two-session courses which teach learners essential digital skills. The learners boost their self-confidence as they become more comfortable in staying safe online, communicating online to get a job, using apps for everyday life, such as booking a medical appointment, or paying a bill online and beyond. The programme is appealing, and is supported by high quality resources for learners to refer to when they need, and the tutors' skilled flexible approach means the programme can benefit learners from a range of levels.

Feedback from the learners shows how much they value the programme:

  • One learner said, " I didn't think it would be like this at all! I am staying on to learn more." She hopes the learning experience with SAL will help her in her current job search.
  • Another learner was happy to attend the class, saying "The course puts a routine in my day, I really look forward to coming. I don't feel isolated anymore and Sue explains things so that I can understand."
  • Others commented, "I came as a reluctant learner, but I have really enjoyed learning and making friends with others in the class"
  • "I have been using it in nearly everything I do in my daily life."
  • I am sure it will help me to be more confident in finding work and communicate with people in future….I will need all these skills at any working place."

The Digital Dippers programme, set up in partnership with Job Centre Plus, has been directed at those from the 50+ age group wanting to get back into employment. From September it will appeal

to a wider age-group and will also be offered at Molesey and Staines. Learners are benefiting from learning something new, but also enjoying the social aspect of the programme, which allows people to connect with one another and share ideas.

SAL can help you to improve your essential digital skills with a range of suitable courses. So why not dip into your digital journey and enrol on a programme with Surrey Adult Learning?

Book your place on a Digital Dippers programme by speaking to your Job Coach, by visiting one of our centres, or by calling us on 0300 200 1044.

  • Reviewed: 31 Aug 2023