National Safeguarding Adults Week 2023

Safeguarding Adults Week is a time for everyone to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. This year the focus is how you can prioritise the welfare and wellbeing of yourself and others. Our wellbeing includes our mental and physical health, our relationships, our connection with our communities and our contribution to society. Being able to live free from abuse and neglect is a key element of wellbeing. We would like to encourage you to think about what wellbeing means to you and what this means for the people you support during Safeguarding Adults Week 2023.

What's My Role in Safeguarding Adults?

Individuals and organisations are responsible for working together to protect an adult's right to live free from abuse and neglect.

Never assume safeguarding is someone else's responsibility.

You can make a difference by:

  • Learning about the different types of harm and abuse
  • Discovering how to spot the signs
  • Recording any concerns you have
  • Reporting your concerns to SAL's safeguarding team or your Local Authorities Safeguarding Board

More information about Safeguarding is available on our Safeguarding page, the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board website, from the national charity Ann Craft Trust.

Conflict in the Middle East

Following the significant escalation in violence in Israel and Palestine, our thoughts are with all of the innocent victims of this devastating conflict. Sadly this intensified violence has led to a reported increase in heightened community tensions, hate crimes and hate incidents in the UK.

You can read more about what hate crime is and what to do if you are a victim of hate crime on the Hate Crime webpage.

If you become aware of any potential or actual hate crime/ hate incidents or expressions of antisemitic, anti-Muslim, or other discriminatory views here at SAL, please let our safeguarding team know.

  • Reviewed: 15 Dec 2023

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