Courses with Family Learning help to create a better family life

Family Learning courses give parents tools and strategies to help their child or teenager improve their behaviour, development, and learning. Free online courses are delivered on zoom throughout the week both during the day and evening by our friendly, knowledgeable tutors.

Emma from Woking started attending our courses last year after struggling with understanding and managing her child's behaviour and found the courses to be hugely beneficial. She attended a range of workshops and longer courses including 'Help your child manage anxiety', 'First steps to understanding my neurodivergent child' and 'Cooking'. Each course helped to consolidate and build on Emma's knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Emma said, "The courses have definitely improved my family wellbeing. I cook more with my child but have more confidence in doing it. Even being out with my child, I am more confident and don't worry about the behaviour as I understand why now. I have had so many lightbulb moments from all the courses."

Our online courses offer the flexibility that many parents need. Emma really valued this as it meant she could attend with ease and were more convenient for her lifestyle with her young children.

"They were absolutely brilliant! The interactions were great. The courses were very different from ones I had attended elsewhere, and things improved at home. My son has been elected to the school council body, which is a position of responsibility for a pupil, and recognition of his progress. I am proud of myself too; I keep looking up to see if there are any more courses coming up that would be useful".

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Take a look at the Family Learning web pages today to explore the wide range of courses available.

  • Reviewed: 15 Dec 2023

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