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Family Learning courses are free for parents and carers to help you give your child a positive start in life, and to help support your child's learning and development at home and school.

Don't worry if you think you don't know enough about how children are taught or if you didn't do well at school yourself, or you don't understand the English education system.

You are who these courses are for!

We offer a wide range of online courses and workshops which can help you with:

  • parenting
  • wellbeing and managing anxiety
  • understanding your child's behaviour
  • getting to grips with maths and phonics
  • healthy eating
  • enjoying learning with your child through activities
  • understanding education in England
  • English as an additional language (EAL).

Enrol on a Family Learning Course

Our tutors are supportive and knowledgeable and classes are relaxed and informal. Currently, all classes are delivered online.

Join one of our friendly groups, and together we can share a whole range of resources and ideas about how children learn at school and at home.

Learning together is fun and right now it couldn't be more important!

You can explore the courses by subject in the sections below and enrol by clicking on the relevant 'Enrol on a course today' button. Or you can get in touch by emailing

If the course you are interested in is full, let us know and we can put you on a waiting list. We can add additional classes throughout the term if there is demand.

Family Learning courses are government funded and we want as many parents and carers to access them as possible.

Please consider the following when you enrol:

  • book on a maximum of three courses in a half term (that's usually a 6 week period)
  • read the course description to check the course you have chosen is right for you
  • make sure you can commit to the time and date of the course before you book
  • make every effort to attend the course you have booked, as no-shows prevent another parent from attending
  • let us know if you need to cancel by emailing

Read how one parent's journey with Family Learning courses led to a new career.

Maths courses

Family Learning maths courses will help you better understand the methods used to teach maths in schools and build up your own confidence and skills too. Choose from either fun workshops about a specific topic or, if you can commit to a regular weekly course, choose a longer Family Maths course. Enrol on a workshop or course, then talk to your tutor about what you can do next.

Enrol on a maths course

English for EAL parents - English as an Additional Language

English for EAL parents courses are specifically for parents who speak English as an additional language. Courses help you to understand the education system in England and how to support your child with schoolwork. You can practise your English language skills too.

Choose from either fun workshops to learn about a specific topic or if you can commit to a regular weekly course, choose a longer EAL course.

Enrol on a workshop or course, then talk to your tutor about what you can do next.

When you enrol, look out for (EAL) in the course title.

Enrol on an English course

Parenting and wellbeing courses

We offer a range of courses and workshops that support positive parenting. Your tutor will also be able to talk to you about what you may like to do next.

Try one of our fun storytelling workshops. We offer the following:

  • Elmer storytelling
  • Rainbowfish storytelling
  • Gruffalo storytelling
  • The koala who could storytelling
  • The very hungry caterpillar storytelling

We also provide courses to help you understand your child's behaviour, explore strategies, and manage their anxiety.

Enrol on a parenting and wellbeing course

Cookery courses

Take part in an interactive cookery workshop or course and create healthy and fun meals and snacks for all the family. Your tutor will also be able to talk to you about what you may like to do next.

Enrol on a cookery course

Family wellbeing information booklet

This booklet provides useful information and resources to support you and your family during these uncertain times.

Topics covered include:

  • self-care for Parents and Carers
  • mindfulness
  • grounding exercise
  • tips for supporting children
  • helping children to understand and express their feelings
  • helping children through an unsettled time
  • returning to school

You can download the PDF document at the foot of this page.

Get ready for school information booklet

We know that starting school can be a worrying time for parents and, this year especially, there may be increased anxiety around this with children in and out of school due to COVID-19. Family Learning has produced a guide to help you support your child. Get Ready for School offers hints and tips which are relevant beyond the first term and includes how to:

  • help to develop your child's confidence and self-belief
  • support your child to be independent
  • develop your child's interpersonal and cognitive skills
  • introduce them to literacy and numeracy skills
  • help their first day to be successful and settle into school life
  • give support with home learning
  • use Family Learning to help your child.

You can download the PDF document at the foot of this page.

Downloads are available in accessible formats. If you would like a full coloured copy with graphics, please contact: requesting a printed version (providing your full name and address) or we can provide a copy electronically.

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Next Steps and continue your learning

When you have completed your course, you may wish to consider taking more Family Learning courses to support you. Talk to your tutor about the opportunities available or look at the courses above for maths, English, parenting and wellbeing.

There are also many other courses available from Surrey Adult Learning that may be of interest.

Take a look at our latest programme of courses and workshops

There are other providers you can contact to help build your knowledge and skills too.

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