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Enjoy the well-being benefits gained through working in a friendly, creative learning environment. You will also develop knowledge of the wider world of your craft, develop your powers of critique, take part in group discussions and have access to one-to-one support, using sketchbooks or journals to record progress. We encourage our learners to develop confidence with opportunities to exhibit their work.

A small charge is included in the fees to cover the cost of materials used by tutors for demonstrations. The cost of materials and equipment used by learners is not included in the fee unless stated - please enquire when enrolling. It is not advisable to purchase additional materials for a course until your enrolment is confirmed and the course is running.

Developing craft skills will develop your creative expression, as well as your understanding and passion for the medium you are working in. Our tutors are experienced craft practitioners and artists who are trained to teach adults and, alongside our specialist facilities and equipment, will enable you to develop skills to achieve work beyond your expectations.


Learn the skills and techniques to bring beautiful old or used books back to life, or make them from scratch. Explore the nature of paper, glues, sewing and binding.

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Embroidery and needlework

Learn how to produce quality stitching and the techniques you need to design and create your own stunning hand embroidery works. Skills include preparation, framing up and tracing designs as well as working on specific stitches. We offer courses for specific styles and techniques from around the world.

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Clock repair and horology

Learn about the fascinating aspects of clock repair and the history of Horology. You will need to bring your own timepiece to the course and the tutor will offer guidance and advice on its repair. You will also learn how to clean and maintain your clock.

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Flower arranging

Learn how to create beautiful floral designs and floral art. Develop your understanding of all kinds of flora and discover skills professionals use to make your own stunning arrangements.

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Boost your gardening skills, learning which jobs to do and when, develop your understanding of soil and planting to appeal to the senses, as well as design and different approaches to creating the garden you want to be in.

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Jewellery and silverwork, enamelling and beadwork

Learn design and making skills to turn a design concept into a piece of wearable jewellery. Developing understanding and skills in design, measuring, marking, cutting and forming, introducing colour with the alchemy of enamelling or in bead stringing will enable you to create unique pieces to wear, gift and treasure.

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Learn the skills to design and craft a beautiful and personal mosaic and become absorbed in a world of colour, shape and texture. Develop know-how to select, cut and shape ceramic and glass mosaic tiles, which methods to use and how to put the finishing touches to your work.

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Patchwork and quilting

Learn the crafts of patchwork, quilting and appliqué using a variety of techniques and designs. You will develop understanding and skills from initial design and cutting to final binding and edge finishes. With this creative and mindful hobby you will create beautiful decorative and practical pieces to treasure.

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Pottery and clay work

Explore the key techniques of pottery: pinching, coiling, slabbing and throwing, from beginner to more advanced levels. Learn to glaze and decorate your work and express your creativity through this medium.

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Sewing - Making clothes and sewing for home

Our sewing courses cover making clothes from scratch, for all levels of sewists, as well as courses to help you use your kit with confidence. We also offer workshops for getting a great swing with draping or making gorgeous garments. Sewing for Home courses will help you achieve the comfortable, stylish home of your dreams, making your own curtains, cushions and blinds.

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Stained glass and glass fusing

Learn skills and techniques to get creative with the beauty, colour and light of stained glass or glass fusing. You will learn basic methods with glass, lead and foil to produce individually designed and created projects.

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Upholstery and furniture restoration

Transform pieces of furniture with a variety of traditional and modern upholstery techniques. Learn skills to use upholstery tools and materials through working on personal projects. From stripping down to finishing trims, you will enjoy working with form, textures and colours to create desirable pieces of furniture.

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Get started with woodworking skills, from the safe use of tools to marking and cut-out joints, to progress creating individual pieces of work.

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