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Joining an art or photography class will develop your creative expression, as well as your understanding and passion for the medium you are working in. Our tutors are experienced artists who are trained to teach adults and, alongside our specialist facilities and equipment, will enable you to develop skills to achieve work beyond your expectations.

You will also develop knowledge of the wider world of art, develop your powers of critique, take part in group discussions and have access to one to one support, using sketchbooks or journals to record progress. Arts courses also promote personal well-being, whether through mindfulness or through the social aspect of the classes. We encourage our learners to develop confidence with opportunities to exhibit their work.

A small charge is included in the fees to cover the cost of materials used by tutors for demonstrations. The cost of materials and equipment used by learners is not included in the fee unless stated - please enquire when enrolling. It is not advisable

Acrylic painting

Learn to distinguish the use of tone, colour, composition and perspective. Gain confidence in using materials, be encouraged to take part in group discussions and have access to one to one support.

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Enjoy the creativity of this absorbing art form that combines the beauty of lettering with the beauty of words. Learn to write different hands using a range of tools, and discover how layout and colour can enhance the impact of your work.

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Digital photography

Learn the basics, get creative with composition and practise with a range of subjects, from your surroundings to portraits and abstract. Capture the shots you want with your digital camera and enjoy the impact of your images. Go further with editing, correction and retouch with our Digital Image Manipulation courses (see Digital Skills section).

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Drawing and painting

Our drawing and painting courses offer a broad creative experience in a variety of different media and approaches. Illustration courses will enable you to create unique images to bring ideas to life. Courses cover principles such as line, tone, colour, composition, proportion and perspective. In drawing you will develop techniques like sketching, shading, and pen and ink and cross-hatching. Painting courses will build confidence in the different media, and develop skills in techniques such as glazing, impasto and scumbling. They will contain elements of drawing too.

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Life and portrait drawing and painting

Develop and refine your observational skills and practise to gain fluency and fluidity in depicting the human form, and enjoy expressing your creativity in this unique way. Work directly from live models with a range of media including pen, pencil, charcoal, and chalk pastels.

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Oil painting

Learn about the use of tone, colour, composition and perspective and gain confidence in using painting mediums. You will also learn techniques such as glazing, impasto, scumbling and be encouraged to take part in group discussions.

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Combine art and practical skills to transform your ideas into 3D reality. Learn how to make armatures and model in clay, or have the opportunity to carve in wood or stone. Your inspiration may be examples from the world of art and sculpture, as well as your own interpretations. We offer classes with a life model, where the model is unclothed.

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Watercolour painting

Explore the popular medium of watercolour to give expression to your personal creativity. Learn to use the tools and techniques and materials, develop understanding and use of colour and tone as well as composition, perspective and texture to produce your own original pieces.

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Next steps and continuing your learning

When you have completed your arts class you may wish to progress to other classes. Your tutor will be able to advise you on opportunities available.

There are also many other courses available from Surrey Adult Learning that may be of interest.

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