Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects - Guidance and Support

Finance templates

There are several financial templates that may need to be completed as part of your Full Submission. The number of templates to be completed will depend on the complexity of your project. See the table below for guidance on the documentation required for your total project value.

Total project costRequirements
Up to £100,000
Over £100,000 and up to £500,000
Over £500,000 and up to £1m
Over £1m


The table below gives a breakdown of the procurement requirements of Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects. Please speak to the Your Fund Surrey team at if you require further guidance.

Cost of worksRequirements
For all works below £9,999at least one written quote
For all works between £10,000 and £99,999at least three written quotes
For all works above £100,000

you should undertake a competitive tender process to arrive at the costs for your project. We require a report as part of your application including the following:

  • Procurement method undertaken (e.g., quotes, competitive tender)
  • If applicable, include details of the appropriate form of contract to be used
  • If applicable, include a copy of the brief used for the tender
  • Number of bids received
  • Lowest and highest bid received
  • Evaluation criteria used to evaluate bids (to show transparency and fairness in the process used, include quality criteria not just cost)
  • Name of preferred supplier and price, indicating if this bid was the lowest. If you decide not to accept the lowest quote or tender received, we will need to understand why.
  • Details of due diligence undertaken on the preferred supplier

Please take a look at our procurement guidance for more information.

Environmental features of your project

It is important that projects show that they will encourage sustainable practices and activity, and that they won't have a long term, negative impact on the environment. The Council has committed that the county will be net zero carbon by 2050. Projects will be assessed on whether the environmental impact has been considered in the following key areas:

  • In construction (new build and refurbishment)
  • In building use (ie ensuring efficient use of energy and water)
  • Sustainability considered over project lifecycle and sustainable practices proposed/demonstrated
  • Any environmental enhancements (to the site or wider than the site) or innovation
  • Has the applicant considered any potential negative impacts, and have they considered how to address?

New build projects will need to ensure that they have the lowest level of impact on the environment and do not contravene with Surrey County Councils policies on becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Some examples of sustainable measures are:

  • Solar PV panels
  • Air or ground source heat pumps
  • LED lighting
  • Recycled, low carbon building materials including wood and recycled concrete
  • Bike racks or electric charging points

You can find more information on SCC's Greener Futures plan by reading the Greener Futures Climate Change Strategy document.

Further information on Surrey's Greener Future, visit our Climate change webpage.

If you have any questions on how to make your project more sustainable then please contact us at

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