Frequently asked questions for Small Community Projects

Where can you find the application form to apply for funding?

Applicants must contact their local county councillor to ask for support for their project. If the county councillor would like to fund the project, they will send the applicant a link to the online application form. It is not available on our website but you can find your local county councillor on our Your councillors webpage.

How much can you apply for?

Applicants can apply for funding via their county councillor for projects between £1,000 and £50,000.

Can you apply for Your Councillor Community Fund, previously Members' Community Allocation, and Your Fund Surrey funding for the same project?

Applicants must only apply via one funding route. They will not be permitted to apply to two different funding streams for the same project.

What can you do if your local councillor does not want to fund my project?

Surrey County Councillors only have £100,000 capital funding to allocate, and they may have used their allocation on other projects. You can check how much funding each councillor has left on our Small Community Projects - Councillor Funds page. You can still apply for the Large Community Projects fund for any capital projects over £10,000 or apply for Your Councillor Community Fund funding for smaller projects under £5,000.

There are lots of other funding opportunities available both nationally and locally check our Community Funding webpages.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for submitting applications is the 31 January 2025 although some county councillors may spend their allowance sooner. Find your nearest Surrey County Council County Councillor on our Your Councillors webpage.

Where can I see how much a county councillor has remaining of their allocation?

You can see how much is remaining of your county councillors allocation on our Small Community Projects - Councillor Funds page.

Does Your Fund Surrey offer guidance on project-specific enquiries?

If you have any queries about whether your project could be eligible for funding, please drop the Community Funding Team an email at or call 01737 737 420.

Are there any guidance documents available to help complete the application process?

You can watch this YouTube video below which includes help and guidance on completing your application form. We also recommend you look at the sample application form to help you prepare for your application, which will be available soon.

What permissions does your project need?

All projects must have the relevant permissions in place before you can submit an application form. Permissions could include:

  • planning permission
  • permission from the landowner
  • details about ongoing maintenance
  • details of insurance

Please contact the funding team if you have any specific queries.

What is the definition of a capital project?

A capital project means you are purchasing a non-current asset, which is an asset that is expected to be used for more than 12 months. We cannot fund maintenance or running costs, such as wages or repairs to a roof. The Your Councillor Community Fund can be used for both revenue and capital funding.

Can you apply for funding to cover wages?

Unfortunately, not. This fund is just for capital projects.

Can you apply for funding for part of a larger project?

Generally, you can apply for part-funding, as long as the total cost of the project is less than £50,000. If your total project is more than £50,000 you should apply for our large projects funding on our Your Fund Surrey - Large Projects webpage. In some instances the county councillor can fund a discrete capital item as part of a larger project. Please contact us with any specific queries at

You can also ask more than one County Councillor to support your project, but they can't fund more than £50,000 in total on one specific project.

Can you apply for funding as an individual?

Unfortunately, individuals are not able to apply for funding directly. Please look to work with your parish council or local community group. Alternatively, you could look at getting established as a Community Interest Company.

Can the council support me in applying?

Yes, we are very happy to support you. Please speak with the funding team or your local Community Link Officer, who you can find through our Your local area pages. For environmental projects, the Greener Futures team are happy to provide advice and are producing some guidance leaflets.

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