Large Community Projects

Your Fund Surrey update

In the last three years, Your Fund Surrey has supported over 80 community-led projects across the county, helping to transform neighbourhoods and make a difference to local residents.

Given the number of projects already in the pipeline, we encourage applicants to consider the value of their bid against the level of community benefit as well as demonstrating wider support including funding from other sources.

Please note that an application is not a guarantee of funding.

Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects is for larger capital projects in excess of £10k that will provide wide community benefit. Due to the size of the funding awarded Large Community Projects are subject to a staged application process.

Examples of the types of projects it can be used for include:

  • New community centres
  • Local swimming pools
  • Sports pavilions or clubhouses
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • New football pitches
  • Community food growing space

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