Get ready for school booklet

No matter how young your child is, it's never too early to think about what will happen when they start primary or infant school. This booklet can help answer your questions, explain the application process and give you information and tips on how you can help your child prepare for school.

The booklet has been divided into five sections:

  • Applying for school - how to find and apply for a school place.
  • Things to think about in the weeks before school - ideas and suggestions to help get you and your child get ready for their first day.
  • Childcare - how to find and pay for childcare.
  • At school - what your child will learn at school.
  • Time for you - information on employment, further education and volunteering.

There are also links throughout the booklet where you can find more information about the subjects covered as well as contact details for other services and organisations that can provide more information. These were correct when the booklet was updated in March 2018.

Files available to download