School transport

Home to school transport update for the school year of 2021

The following home to school transport update for September 2021 have been drawn up to clarify what transport arrangements will be put in place from this academic year for pupils who are entitled to transport assistance from us.

Information and services

Home to school transport update for September 2021

    Home to school transport arrangements for autumn 2021.


    Our concessionary seat scheme

      If your child is not eligible for free transport, you can apply for a concessionary seat.


      Travelling by public bus to school or college

        Find which buses serve your child's school, and about free and concessionary rates on London buses (Transport for London).


        Using our school transport

          Information for parents about behaviour standards, accidents and emergencies, and passenger assistants.


          School transport disruption due to bad weather

            Find out about disruptions to school transport.


            Minibus information for schools

              Minibus advice and information for schools.