16+ transport to school or college

Information and services

Travel assistance to school or college for students aged 16 - 25

    If you are a post-16 student, you may be eligible for travel assistance if it is deemed necessary to maintain your attendance at your education placement.


    Apply for a student fare card

      The student fare card scheme gives students aged 16-18 who live in Surrey reduced rate bus and/or rail travel to schools and colleges. Find out if you are eligible to apply, how to apply and conditions of use.


      Replace or change your student fare card

        How to apply for a replacement student fare card, if your card has been lost or stolen or if you need to change your mode of transport, journey or route.


        Transport Policy Statement for learners aged 16-19 who attend school or college

          Information about the schemes and support available within Surrey for the provision of school and college transport for learners aged 16-19.


          Travelling by public bus to school or college

            Find which buses serve your child's school, and about free and concessionary rates on London buses (Transport for London).